CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPING: Choosing the Right Holiday Tree for Your Family by Hampton Rhodes

Choosing the Right Holiday Tree for Your Family

A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree – right? Wrong! There are many types of Christmas trees, and depending on which tree your family had when you were a child, many times determines the type of tree that you continue to use as an adult with your own family. But lots of people break with their family traditions and select other trees based on style, fragrance, fullness of the tree, floor space to put the tree, and most importantly, the size of their budget!

Z’Scoop has tons of information and resources to help you find your perfect Christmas tree for 2017, so let’s get started!

Of the many trees available, there are 5 families of trees that are the most popular: Fir Trees, Pine Trees, Spruce Trees, Cypress Trees and Cedar Trees. Within each of these families of trees are several difference kinds of trees.

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Fir Trees
Fir trees are the most popular Christmas trees, probably because they are so easy to decorate – but more to the point, they are easy to un-decorate as well! These are the trees with short, fragrant needles, and depending on your location, could consist of one of 7 kinds of fir trees that are regionally popular, but most importantly, regionally available. With the help of the National Christmas Tree Association’s link’s, the seven Christmas firs are Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, Noble Fir and Concolor Fir which is also known as a white fir.

Pine Trees
Pine Christmas trees are also readily available in most markets, but primarily on the East Coast of the U.S. Their needles can be long or short and are distinctly fragrant. But as most pine trees are fast growing, Pine Christmas trees may require more water than other tress that you’ve had in the past. The three most popular pine Christmas trees are the White Pine, the Scotch Pine and the Virginia Pine. Pines are a favorite because their branches are stout and wood and respond very well to trimming.

Spruce Trees
Spruce Christmas trees are another popular variety of holiday tree. With their distinctive color, aroma and texture, they have been a favorite of many families throughout the years. Spruces are slower growing than Pines or Firs and may reach the age of 800 years old and grow to 140 feet tall! the popular varieties of Spruce Christmas trees are the Colorado Blue Spruce, the Norway Spruce and the White Spruce. Note that the White spruce tree has the best needle retention of all the other Spruce trees. (read – less vacuuming during the holiday season!)

Cypress Trees
Cypress Christmas trees are grown primarily in the Southern U.S. states all the way across America. They are steeple shaped and are most frequently used in rooms or areas with high ceilings as they help draw the eye upwards to a glorious presentation. There are primarily two popular Cypress Christmas trees – the Arizona Cypress and the Leyland Cypress. The Leyland Cypress is the most popular Christmas tree in the Southeast because of its dark green-grey color, but it has very little fragrance.

There is only one variety of Cedar Christmas tree that is popular and that is the Eastern Redcedar, which is not really a Cedar at all, but a member of the Juniper family of trees. They are slow growing and compact and form a pyramidal crown with their dark, shiny, green leaves arranged in opposing pairs along the branches. But their color can vary from dark green to bluish green to silvery to grey-green to bronze and even to purple! The Eastern Redcedar trees are grown from Texas, through the central states, all the way up to Ontario and Quebec. They are readily available and quite popular in the southern states but they are most common at “choose-and-cut” tree farms, and not at the corner-lot, pop-up Shriner’s Christmas tree outlets.

So choosing your tree can be as easy or as intricate a process as you choose it to be. The differences will be subtle after decoration, but you as the host and owner of the fair tree will know the difference, the reasons why this specific tree was chosen, and you will have the bragging-rights to share your history, reason and quantification for your specific choice in selecting your Christmas tree.

And if your Christmas Tree selection doesn’t provide that holiday scent that you were hoping for from your childhood, remember that Yankee Candle Shops can provide any fragrance you desire or that can imagine!


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