WANT A GREAT THANKSGIVING WEEKEND? Get the Heck Out of Town! by Hampton Rhodes

Get the Heck Out of Town!

Thanksgiving needn’t be obligatory or stressful. It doesn’t have to burden the few with the responsibility of preparing an obscene feast for the many. It doesn’t have to be everybody and their brother re-hashing old family stories and arguments; resentments and hurt feelings; opening – or in some cases pouring salt into – old wounds.

Wouldn’t it be nice – and surely appreciated – to ditch the traditional 3-day preparation for the Ginormous Thanksgiving Meal, and just getouttatown for the entire weekend?

So, whether your family is 2 or 22, we’ve gathered some ideas about redefining Thanksgiving celebrations with family by getting the heck out of Dodge and going somewhere family-friendly, to remind us just what this holiday is all about.

First up – A Romantic Thanksgiving Weekend For Just Two

Who says you have to spend Thanksgiving with the In-laws? Don’t!

Get away to a romantic weekend for just you and your significant other in such places as Key West Florida, Riviera Nayarit Mexico or the Cayman Islands! Make the most of your holiday weekend by stretching it into a romantic renewal of just why you are together in the first place.

These destinations and a few more are explored by Matt Melter of thrillist.com in his article, “10 Thanksgiving Getaways for a Long Weekend with Zero Drama.” There are some amazing adventures that can add some beautiful memories, and can even forge a foundation for new holiday traditions!

Second up – You Can Take the Kids

Yes it will take some patience. Yes, it will try your nerves. But traveling to a destination that is fun for ALL of the family for a Thanksgiving Weekend vacation is so worth the temporary aggravation. Think about the fun everyone can have, once the destination is reached! And it doesn’t have to include Great Aunt Margaret’s accidental-but-gross, open-mouthed kiss like last year!

Tripsavvy.com’s Suzanne Rowan Kelleher recently compiled 169 family-friendly destinations for the Thanksgiving Weekend including New York City, Disney World, The North Carolina Coast and even has tips for saving money, in her article, “Thanksgiving 2017 Weekend Getaways with All The Trimmings.” Some very clever and unusual adventures await your family with all kinds of themes and new explorations!

Third up – Its An American Holiday, So Discover America

What is more Americana than Thanksgiving? Different parts of America celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday in different ways. Big cities have big parades; Giant shopping malls offer amazing shopping opportunities for the Black Friday sales; the Hawaiian Islands offer a different perspective of Thanksgiving with not only warm weather, but an opportunity to reflect on the cost of America’s freedoms at Pearl Harbor.

Alex Temblador’s recent article in the oyster.com website explores some to the great opportunities to discover various American Thanksgiving celebrations with a different perspective in his “8 U.S. Trips to Take Instead of Going Home for Thanksgiving” that even includes places like Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon and Napa Valley.

Fourth up – A Thanksgiving Getaway Doesn’t Cost A Lot

Have the travel-bug for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but are afraid of the costs? We’ve got you covered with some really great holiday flying tips from cheapflights.com where author Lauren Mack recently shared tips and tricks for cheaper Thanksgiving Holiday travel in her article, “Thanksgiving getaways; 11 value destinations for a Turkey Day sneak away in 2017.”

Great deals can be found on both domestic and international destinations like Barbados, Reno, Greece, Bangkok and even Oslo and Singapore, with suggestions on where to stay and what to do.

And Finally – Visit My Home State of South Carolina

Yes, I’m biased. I love my home-state of South Carolina and I think it’s the most wonderful and peaceful place to live. But I also enjoy the holidays here because of the variety and diversity that different areas of South Carolina offer to not only its residents, but to visitors as well.

Recently, tripping.com ran a wonderful article titled, “9 Best Thanksgiving Getaways in South Carolina” that included cities from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Greenville, through the Piedmont and horse country of Camden, all the way to the historic coastal towns of Hilton Head Island and Charleston.

Recipe for Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie
I don’t share this with everyone.
This is extremely special and is a protected family secret…
This is the Trifecta of Southern Thanksgiving Pie.
You’re welcome!


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