Part 2 in Z’Scoop’s Investigations:  WHO ARE THE INFLUENCERS? CAN YOU BE ONE TOO?  by Kim Coston

Part 2 in Z’Scoop’s Investigations:

Once upon a time, Influencers used to be movie and TV stars, celebrities, supermodels, fashion editors or public relations gurus whose sway over the public was undeniable. But in the digital 2000s, the rules of the game have changed.

Do you have what it takes to be a Social Media Influencer?

Looking good and having taste help. But the key to having brands pay you to feature their gear is demonstrating your ability to influence your followers into action. And by that, we mean purchasing and using the products and services you represent. Z’Scoop is going to show you how this works.

Why Are Influencers Important?
Consumers trust Influencers, and by activating these authoritative key opinion leaders as their representatives, brands invest in the transferability of the Influencers popularity to their products. Thus, making it possible for consumers to aspire to the Influencers’ lifestyle. To aid in harnessing consumer buying power, Influencers can even be part of brand development.

Because 71% of today’s consumers aged 18 to 34 are more likely to consult social media prior to buying, 57 %+ beauty and fashion companies are big sponsors who depend on integrating Influencers into their marketing strategies.

The cool part is that rewards for this career can be staggering. Successful Influencer Instagrammers can demand $10,000+ for featuring one product shot. Spoiler alert: This job requires a lot of self-promotion to command these figures.

New modern “swan” Chiara Ferragni is a prime example of the moniker Town & Country magazine has bestowed on Influencers. Milanese blogger, the thirty-year-old Italian sacked her law studies to become a full-time Influencer. Now, her lifestyle includes: $3.5 million LA mansion, 9.6 million Instagram followers, net worth estimated: $12 million, and has a luxury shoe brand.

How did she do it? By publishing Instagram selfies on her “Blond Salade” blog for 7 years dressed in designer outfits and shot in exotic places.

Chiara’s recent sponsored technique? #ChiaralovesTod’s.
Traveling around Italy’s divine Amalfi Coast, Chiara wears Tod’s bags, shoes. Her blog, Instagram selfies and YouTube videos, all run the story.

Her fetching hair articles and tutorials like: “Thin Hair -Summer Survival Tips” also had followers hooked. They paved the way to her Pantene hair product global ambassadorship.

How can you attract $$$ sponsors? According to Grace Atwood of The Stripe Blog-NY, “A smaller following can bring desirable higher engagement.” With a 90% female following in fashion and beauty, Atwood now produces sponsored content for Macy’s, eBay, Saint James and SK-II.

Arielle Noa Charnas of “Something Navy” blog, is a TRESemmé TV ambassador, a four-year relationship generated from a single blog post. Her 86% female following in beauty, fashion and jewelry, enabled her to drive 20,000+ clicks to the brand’s e-commerce sites. She proved her SM power: by posting an unsponsored selfie with a Ksubi brand denim jacket, linking to three retailers’ websites, resulting in all three selling out of that item.

Have a blog community and want to work with big brands? If you are a blogger, social media influencer, YouTubers with these basic requirements are a must; have a large, passionate community, and are sure of your authority to inspire them into action and can go viral with your content.



If you have these talents, these agencies might want you:
Master of Influencer Relations
Matches the right brand ambassador influencers with compatible brands. Founder Beca Alexander represents 100 influencers, each with 30,000-2 million followers. Their top influencer did $1M last year, and the average is around $200,000. Clients: L’Oreal, Grey Goose, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Godiva, Range Rover, Starbucks, Amazon.

WTS Connect,
Passionate about raising awareness for sustainable living? Apply online now. Represents travel clients like Airbnb.

BUZZMG BuzzMG 37,000
Millennial influencers. Clients: Microsoft, Sony, Dell, Clinique.

INFLUENCE-CENTRAL looks for the right talent, recruits only the best.
Clients like: Target, Budweiser, Barilla, Kellogg, Dove.

As for, ADWEEK dubbed them: “Instagram marketing agency” Specialized network of influential global Instagrammers. In 2014, Tommy Hilfiger made news hiring them to do an INSTAMEET, giving unprecedented access to random Instagrammers at his NY Fashion Week show

How to know what is sponsored content in a blog or Instagram post? Look for #sp or #ad to indicate sponsored posts

Food, beverage, fashion, hair, beauty, big retailers and media conglomerates all use influencers. So if you’ve got the goods, go for it!

All books are available at Click on title to learn more.
Influencer: New Science of Leading Change
by Joseph Grenny
Instagram: How To Make $10,000 a Month Through Influencer Marketing (Instagram Marketing Book) (Volume 2)
by Pamela Russell
The Influencer Effect
by Greg Jameson


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