HOW TO LIKE YOUR HOTEL ROOM:  Check On a Few Details When You Arrive by Virginia Haynes Montgomery

Check On a Few Details When You Arrive

A few years ago, I was a guest at a very good hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. When I got ready to shower, I could not get the shower to work. Calling the front desk for assistance, I could tell they were exasperated and must have been thinking here was another American who didn’t know how to turn on water! Imagine their surprise when an engineer came up and sure enough, the shower did not work. I could have saved the aggravation of having to wait for my shower by checking this out when I arrived.

My friend, author Duane Pebbles, who travels a lot, both domestically and abroad, has prepared a list of things to look for in a hotel room when she first arrives. I thought I would share it with you as there are a lot of good tips here. This goes for hotels or Airbnb sites.

  • Take a good look at the room as soon as you get there to make sure it is to your liking. Most hotels are quite responsive in moving guests who are unhappy.
  • Look out the window. If your view is a parking lot or something else not very interesting, ask to change. If there is another room available, they will accommodate you.
  • Does the key work? It could be a regular key or a key card that hasn’t been programmed correctly.
  • Check if there are enough hangers. Very often, there are only one or two clothes hangers in the closet and you are there for a week!
  • Look for an extra blanket summer or winter – just in case …
  • Fluff out the pillows. A lot of hotels have pillow menus so if you like hard or soft, you can probably get it. Don’t be shy about asking.
  • Check for a reading light, how and if it works on both sides of the bed.
  • Make sure your TV works. Where are your favorite channels?
  • If you are abroad, which channels are in a language that you speak?
  • If it’s warm outside, be sure the a/c works.
  • Is there a special code to call for room service, especially breakfast?
  • Check how shower, hot water etc. work. Does the tub stopper work?
  • There should be a rubber mat for bathtub. You don’t want to slip and break a leg on a vacation.
  • Does the toilet flush?
  • Turn on the hair dryer if you will be using it.
  • Does your bathroom have soap?
  • Is there capped bottled water (Most hotels today offer bottled water, even in the U.S.)
  • Are there face cloths in the bathroom (sometimes they have only one for two guests)
  • If you are in a room where everything, even the blinds, are controlled by one device, be sure the working of it is totally explained.

In the future, don’t take anything for granted in your hotel room until you have checked it out. Regardless of what you are paying, you deserve having all the basics. And one last tip: Stay away from the mini-bar unless you are willing to pay top dollar for a bag of peanuts!

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