6 Easy Hacks to Ramp Up Energy at Any Age by Hampton Rhodes

6 Easy Hacks to Ramp Up Energy at Any Age

It seems everyone and his brother has a remedy for low energy these days. If you listen to advertisers, every product on the market promises better health and higher energy. But we know that is simply not true.

So Z’Scoop did its own investigation and came up with some of the best – although sometimes not very original – hacks to boost your own energy with everyday activities, foods, behaviors and habits that really can boost your energy levels, without having harsh side effects.

Here are 6 of the best that we’ve found …

Explosive Exercises
Lifehack.org recently published an article titled, “6 simple hacks to increase your energy.” In their view, along with 5 other suggestions, they recommend performing explosive exercises like jumping in place as high as possible or burpees. These exercises help “wake up” your nervous system and will have you feeling more alert and energized.

The key is to not wear your self out. Complete several sets (5-10) of low reps (1-3) of 1-2 exercises. Rest about 30 seconds between each set. Body weight and kettlebell exercises are best but you can do weighted movements too. If you do, use a very light weight.

The benefit: Perform this type of exercise when you are feeling tired for a quick pick me up at work or before you workout to boost your energy all workout long. 

Use Good Scents
Along with 5 other recommendations, a condensed article for Reader’sDigest.com citing Holly Phillips’ book, “The Exhaustion Breakthrough,” cites harnessing the power of aromatherapy to lift your spirits when you need it. Take a whiff of peppermint, rosemary, or jasmine when you feel droopy. Research shows these scents increase alertness. (By contrast, lavender oil and the pure scent of vanilla have relaxing effects on both your physical and emotional states.)

Pump Up the Jams
One of the 9 recommendations by alternascript.com says that neuroscientists discovered listening to music activates your brain’s pleasure center. Putting on some tunes while cranking out work will keep you focused and feeling better. Music relieves stress and distracts you from fatigue.

Music boosts your energy too, but only if you choose certain tunes. Stay motivated with music around 120 to 140 beats per minute. Prime example? Classical music. Next time you’re working late, blast some Mozart to get that extra kick.

An Apple a Day
One of the 12 hacks that the Dailymeal.com, in their article of “12 Energy Boosting Hacks to Help You Avoid Midday Fatigue,” suggests that an apple a day may keep midday drowsiness away. Apples contain high amounts of fiber and natural sugars that break down slowly in the body, releasing a steady stream of glucose into the bloodstream and providing the body with a consistent source of energy. Research showed that apples improve neurological health because they contain quercetin, which, according to Medical News Today, contains one of two compounds found to reduce inflammation of neurons.

Reduce Processed Carbs
To no one’s surprise, Mensfitness.com has also jumped on the “no-carb” bandwagon in their article “10 Ways to Boost Your Energy.” Along with the 9 other suggestions, this is one mantra that’s on repeat just about everywhere you look these days: “Eat whole grains,” or “Eat less of the white stuff” (white flour, white sugar, and all of the processed snack foods that are made with these ingredients).

These processed carbs wreak havoc on your waistline, and on top of that they won’t give you any sustained energy. “Your body absorbs the energy in simple carbohydrates very quickly,” explains Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RD. “Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are like time-release energy for your body. Focus on getting the majority of your carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Your body takes longer to break down and digest them, which means you get a steady supply of energy for a longer period of time.”

Time to Reflect
Andreas von der Heydt, Tech Executive, Marketing Expert, Leadership & Executive Coach, LinkedIn Influencer, Author and Speaker, believes that we live in times when many people cherish being busy and stressed. In his slideshare presentation, he says that by making time for daily reflection about your life and personal objectives part of your routine will help reduce stress and increase ones energy and stamina – that having enough personal thinking time is crucial. Thinking about what really matters to you and what makes you happy is a fundamental building block of a resourceful and enjoyable life. Focus on the bigger picture, be honest, and avoid long “to-do” lists. This is but one of the 19 recommendations that he has.

So no matter what your age, these 6 hacks will help sustain energy levels throughout the day and will also provide a quick “bump” to waning energy levels at any time during the day. Give ‘em a try – they won’t cost you anything to check them out, test them and find the ones that can really work for you.

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