Z’Scoop Trend Report: ATHLEISURE-BEAUTY PHENOMby Kim Coston

Z’Scoop Trend Report:

With the athleisure ready-to-wear fashion market currently estimated at $44 billion with projected growth at $83 billion, we expect to see exciting new beauty products follow suit that can help increase body and brain function.



Market research firm Mintel recently published a report outlining some of the exceptional new product features and benefits we can expect:

  • Creams and oils activated by temperature, water or sweat
  • Sensors embedded in fibers or fabrics that track temperature and hydration levels
  • Smartphone apps that control time-release products for skin through activewear
  • Recovery products for post-intensive workouts (think: high intensity interval training)
  • Products that adjust body temperature based on outdoor temps
  • Better protection from urban pollution, UV and infrared rays

According to Mintel researchers “Consumers are encouraged to not only exercise their bodies and brains but beauty brands will formulate products to help in the process.”

Z’Scoop has zeroed in on some innovative companies that are embracing this direction and some new and exciting products being developed:

Sportfix Makeup for Active Women
High performance, dual-purpose makeup and skin care range to revitalize and protect skin. Sweat-proof, breathable, vitamin-packed products made from natural ingredients with SPF 20.


Jeewin Products
Created with a team of professional extreme sports athletes, Jeewin Products cover before, during and after-sport needs for men and women.

Four basic ranges and concepts that dovetail with the new ath-beauty trend:

  1. – Suncare: high protection
  2. – Skincare: daily face-body skincare
  3. – Sportscare: facilitates muscular warm-up, minimizes aches later
  4. – Massage: after-sport relaxation and preparation for the next practice

Jeewin images copyright Jeewin.

Biotherm Skin Fitness
Firming & Recovery Body Lotion replenishes, soothes, refills electrolytes and tones. Designed to accelerate post-workout recovery.

WellWell Juice
Organic cold-pressed watermelon, tart cherry, biodynamic lemon juice is a new post-workout drink fave. “It’s been an overlooked superfood for far too long,” says WellWell founder Sagan Schultz. Now pending a liquor license for WW beer.

Z’Scoop continues to track this phenom for you and keep you advised with the latest products, so keep coming back for more!

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