Exclusive Z’Scoop Interview with Entrepreneur and Influencer of Influencers:  DIANE PERNET’S SHADED RULE:  FILM AND FASHION BY PERFUMED TOUCHby Kim Coston

Exclusive Z’Scoop Interview with Entrepreneur and Influencer of Influencers:

Catching up with Pernet — world-renowned pioneer of the fashion-film genre — in the Palais Royal Gardens, Paris. She is elegantly draped in high-chic black with a towering, spider-adorned up-do and cat eye sunglasses.

Diane was one of the first, highly influential bloggers with “A Shaded View of Fashion,” from Paris in 2005. In 2006, she launched: YOU WEAR IT WELL, the first fashion film festival in LA, at Cinespace. It traveled to 12 cities in two years, including Copenhagen. And by 2008, it had evolved into ASVOFF, confirming her crusade was launched for this new fashion film genre.

Competitors have been impressive, including: Jim Jarmusch, Nick Knight, Steven Meisel and Ryan McGinley. Pernet’s awareness has expanded with high-profile events over the years in New York, London, Milan, Rome and Antwerp, with top luxury sponsors like Kering group and LVMH’s Bulgari, who have become intrigued with the symbiotic relationship between fashion and film as showcased by this festival.

Prior to ASVOFF, Diane was a costume and fashion designer in Manhattan in the 80s. Inspired by Anna Magnani, sultry Italian film star, her sophisticated collections targeted strong, sensual women. By the 90s, she reinvented herself in Paris, as a journalist for Elle, Vogue and Joyce. When the siren of digital media beckoned, she was ready to found her own empire. And that she has!

You are such an amazingly versatile and iconoclastic entrepreneur! Our readers need to know about your winning entrepreneurial track record in all three domains: Fashion, Film and Fragrance.

Right, so ASVOFF’s 9th fashion film festival is coming up fast June 9-11, in Sofia, Bulgaria, during BALKAN Fashion Week.

So, do tell. What will be special about it?

It takes place on an actual film set at Nu Boyana Film Studio-Sofia. The closing award ceremony will also be live-streamed in Paris. We have 100 film entrants, and 66 shorts. Special guests include French artist ORLAN; and Tim Yip, first Chinese to win two Oscars — art direction, sets and costumes — for “Crouching Tiger” by Ang Lee.

And what originally sparked your love for film?

I’ve loved films forever since seeing a Disney film at a drive-in with my parents. Sometimes these things have such an impact on you. That scene in “Diabolique” where the dead man gets out of the bathtub and takes his eyes out.

Give us an example of a fashion film you loved.

Jeremy Scott’s 2006 first prize winner, “STARRING” with Asia Argento, Lisa Marie and Tori Spelling.

Last year you had the astounding Jean-Paul Gaultier-President, Eric Daman MC’d (Emmy award-winning costume designer-Gossip Girl+) and amazing guests: designer Iris Van Herpen, and many more. Who are your big stars this year?

Eric Daman as President, and we have a roster of amazingly influential jury members.

What about the wearable tech section?

With the world’s first-ever “Wearable Tech in Fashion Film” competition, curated by Alexandra Murray-Leslie (Chicks-on-Speed), visionaries will debate and explore the innovation, creativity and paradoxes between fashion and technology.

Besides those amazing black statuettes, are there any special awards?

Nu Boyana Film Studios will award a grand prize of €50K in services. The student award winner receives a special course at Nu Boyana.

Lets talk fragrance. Those beautiful, sleek black columns with dainty silver spiders by Mario Salvucci, truly unmistakable Pernet signature symbols … fabulous!

Fragrance is a long journey — you have to love it. I worked with a “nose” for years in Grasse. “Love Affair,” a heady, seductive plunge into the vortex of secret passions should launch soon in Au Printemps-Paris department store. My four other fragrances explore my other favorite themes: truth’s power in “To be Honest;” being worshipped, “Wanted;” “In pursuit of Magic” about happiness, and secret desires drive ocean-fresh “Shaded.”

Where can we find these treasures?

Niche-market, highly exclusive stores like Maxfield’s-LA, Nieman Marcus-Beverly Hills, 10 Corso Como, Liberty-London, the Dubai Shopping Mall.

Poised to rule the world with her fragranced touch, Pernet has more ambitious projects in mind for the future. To be sure, Z’Scoop will bring you the scoop.

Exclusive Photos of Diane Pernet courtesy of Jerry Lee Ingram

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Eric Daman, President
Serge Carreira, International Commercial-Miu Miu
Isabel Coixet, feature film director
Ivaylo Grancharov, Director Education, Nu Boyana Film Studios
Marc Happel, Director-Costumes, New York City Ballet
Yoanne Lemoine,aka “Woodkid”: Singer, Songwriter, and filmmaker
Klaus Stockhausen, Fashion Director-Zeit Magazine
Wilson J. Tang, Art Director-Kabam
Waris, actor-designer, House of Waris
Robb Young, author, Strategic Consultant, Brand Developer, Editor-BOF

Background: Eric Daman
Allure Magazine listed Eric Daman among “the 7 influencers who could change everything about the way we look,” in 2010. In 2011, the NY Times Magazine put Eric in the top 20 “one’s to watch.”

The Emmy® Award-winning costume designer and celebrity stylist’s credits include Showtime’s “Billions”, “Gossip Girl,” ABC’s “Astronaut Wives’ Club”, “Sex & The City” prequel “The Carrie Diaries.”

Eric was assistant designer to Patricia Field during seasons 2-4 of HBO’s “Sex & The City.”

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