SPRING JAUNTS: Free Falling in May – Some of the Best Skydiving Experiences Throughout America by Hampton Rhodes

Free Falling in May – Some of the Best Skydiving Experiences Throughout America

Feeling like you have nothing to lose?  For this week’s Spring Jaunts recommendations, Z’Scoop.com has searched America for the best consumer-rated skydiving and base-jumping experiences.

No, we haven’t lost our minds, but we are adventure-seekers looking to share the best-of-the-best, out-of-the-box experiences with our readers. And this week, we’re strapping into our parachutes and bringing on the weightless adventure of diving into the sky! 

Solstice Summer Boogie – Alaska Skydive Center – Palmer, AK
Come experience Alaska the way it should be seen (from 10,500 feet). Alaska Skydive Center offers everything you need to make your 1st or your 1000th jump an enjoyable one. They specialize in both tandem and accelerated free-fall training with the option of professional skydiving video/photo services.

ASC is just a short drive/flight from Anchorage out to the heart of the valley at Palmer Municipal Airport. This could be a thrill of a lifetime. Experienced skydivers are always welcome to come out and jump, either with a group of locals, or make a solo jump and just enjoy the scenery.

The Rumors Are True!!

The Alaskan Summer Solstice boogie is back, and this year it’s extended for 6 days, June 13-18, 2017!

  • $600 includes 13 Jump tickets
  • Twin Otter skydives from 13,000′
  • Awesome load organizers
  • Alaska state head-down and head-up record jumps
  • Midnight “Summer Solstice” jump
  • Glacier Jump (3 tickets includes 2 skydives)
  • Helicopter jumps (2 tickets)
  • Pro Packers & Riggers available
  • … and more to come!

You can manifest for the glacier jump as soon as you register for the boogie. Since this is a very special jump that is highly dependent on weather, we recommend you register now to have your best chance at getting on one of the first loads! There are various lodging choices available at a discount and they’ve put together a variety of excursions for you to choose from. Visit the website often as they continue to add more details and options!

Alaska Skydive Center
Solstice Summer Boogie 2017

Skydive Crete, Crete, NE
Skydive Crete is located in Crete, Nebraska and is a student orientated drop zone.  Their mission is to make your skydive a safe, successful, and fun experience. They are proud to be in continuous operation year-round at the Crete Municipal Airport since the 1980s with the premier facilities in the region. SkydiveCrete’s home is a very large airplane hanger with dedicated training rooms, heated and air conditioned office spaces, bathrooms and showers, and even a bunkhouse!

Skydive Crete is USPA certified skydiving center that pledges to follow USPA basic safety requirements including providing USPA developed first jump courses, using current USPA rated instructors, and the most up-to-date skydiving equipment.

Some Basic Rules
Only a minimum age requirement – 19 years old. In Nebraska, in order to sign a waiver, you must be a minimum age of consent. All dropzones, including Skydive Crete, will ask you to sign a waiver before you skydive. Unfortunately, not even a parental signature will suffice. However, there is no age ceiling for skydiving.

The maximum weight to tandem skydive is 230 lb; Static Line is 235 lbs. There are no height restrictions. Tandem equipment is certified to carry 500 lbs; that weight includes your Tandem instructor and the gear itself. Tandem instructors vary in size, so if you are slightly over 230 lbs, please let the scheduler know in order to accommodate you. You must be in good physical condition. If you have any concerns, please consult a physician in advance.

Athletic shoes are a must. No sandals, boots, or flip-flops. Shorts and jeans with short or long sleeve shirts are recommended. Dress relaxed for the temperature. You may be wearing a jumpsuit or pants depending on what you wear and the weather conditions. For safety reasons Go Pro Cameras or cell phones are not allowed on your jump.

Skydive Crete

Skydive Central New York – Weedsport, NY
Skydive Central New York is located between Syracuse and Rochester, nestled in the northern tier of the scenic Finger Lakes region. Incredible views of Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes provide a beautiful backdrop for pictures and video of your experience.

Skydive Central New York is Central New York’s premier professional skydiver training facility. Their website describes them as “dedicated to teaching sound and safe skydiving skills through the most advanced instruction and coaching methods available. Our mission is to provide one of the best experiences life has to offer.”

Tandem Skydiving gives you a total introduction to skydiving from the ground up. Securely attached to a highly qualified and USPA licensed tandem instructors via a dual harness system, you will experience the ride of your life!



You can be in the air after a short training class on exiting the aircraft and free fall body position. Interestingly enough, as you and your instructor take to the skies upon exiting the airplane up to 11,000 feet,  you will have the sensation of being on your own as you accelerate up to 130 mph. After the parachute opens your instructor will be on hand to offer guidance as you fly the parachute together.

A tandem jump is a great way to experience the thrill of skydiving with the security and the close supervision of a highly experienced instructor.

Skydive Central NY 

Tandem Base, Twin Falls, Idaho
So you want the rush, but don’t want to jump out of an airplane? We’ve got you covered with the Twin Falls, Idaho based Tandem Base. At Tandem Base, you will leap from the 486-foot Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho and softly come to rest in the beautiful Snake River Canyon.

The first Tandem BASE-Jump occurred in 1984 from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. The years since have been sprinkled with Tandem BASE-Jumps being made around the world from various objects, proving the viability. Concurrently, the Magic Valley has become an increasingly more popular BASE destination, as the Perrine Bridge has the fortunate convergence of good altitude, large landing area, easy access, and an encouraging community.

Sean Chuma, a first-rated instructor, helped develop the new sport by making the very first Commercial Tandem Base Jumps during its experimental phase, adding more unique and exciting activities to his full-time parachuting career.  Chuma has over 2,000 skydives and 4,000 BASE Jumps, and also runs a world-renowned school, called I-D BASE, that teaches experienced Skydivers how to BASE jump.

Sean has an impeccable safety track record of over 500 tandem base jumps and is, undeniably, the most experienced, commercial tandem base instructor in the world.  He’s so safe that in 2013, the 102 yr-old Dorothy Custer asked him to take her for a jump off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.  She landed soft and safely.  Sean believes that if a 102 yr-old lady had the courage to experience the thrill of parachuting from Idaho’s tallest bridge, that anyone can do it.

Twin Falls, ID Free-Falling in May

So whether you choose to skydive or base dive; whether it’s to go tandem or solo: the thrill of jumping into the sky, the views from the heights, the adrenaline rush is yours to be had with these heart-racing experiences that will entertain you and your friends for the rest of your life – and maybe beyond!

Palmer, Alaska
Crete, Nebraska
Weedsport, NY
Twin Falls, Idaho

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