Z’Scoop’s Eye on Entrepreneurs: JERRY LORENZO’S FEAR OF GOD by Kim Coston

Z’Scoop’s Eye on Entrepreneurs:

Swiftly rising from stock rooms at Diesel to launching his own rebellious luxury street wear fashion brand in 2013, Jerry Lorenzo is on the LA fast track.

Catching the attention of Kanye West, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Travis Scott fast, his latest celeb collaboration was Justin Bieber asking Jerry to design pop-up store merchandise for his 2016 Purpose World Tour.

Guess what? Lines wrapped around the block in NY, broadcasting huge success.


Needless to say, Jerry’s “Fear of God” brand has suddenly become white-hot. The style is inspired by Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony, designer Raf Simmons, brands like Vetements, and fused with Metallica, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

And then there is his faith. The biblical name came to him while praying, during a time of re-directing his life: “a combination of that dark message and me believing in myself and my aesthetic … then I started putting pieces together, risking my savings and my family trying to start this brand.”

Fast Company recently dubbed it an “overtly Christian brand.”

Jerry has not accepted outside investment, and plows revenues right back into better fabrics, staff or manufacturing. And a true individual, he does not conform to rules, or to luxury codes. After a Fear of God collection for Barneys New York collection about a year ago, he signed with PacSun to offer more affordable price points on stylish streetwear basics: hoodies, leggings and t-shirts to a younger demographic.

That collection currently looks sold out on their website. Jerry’s slightly grunge-infused design aesthetic has simple but precious luxury touches: fine fabrics, basic pieces that layer to complement those worn beneath: long cotton shirts that hang just right over vintage wash selvedge Japanese denim jeans, track suits with titanium zippers and silk linings over Japanese cotton, dropped-shoulder t-shirts.

By the way his father, Jerry Manuel, was a famous baseball player, first signed by the Detroit Tigers. And has just done a baseball cap collab: New Era x Jerry Lorenzo Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates Caps that will retail for $295, with a portion of sales donated to the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Foundation, RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner-cities) and the Jerry Manuel Foundation.

The caps have quickly become cult 2017 collectibles.

This young entrepreneur’s business runs on his life experience, principles and convictions and adheres to the motto, “Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.” Malcolm Gladwell – “Outliers.”

Stay tuned for our next Z’Scoop entrepreneur profile May 14: fashion, film and fragrance diva Diane Pernet.

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