Z’Scoop Probes Male Plastic Surgery: BLADE RUNNING FOR THE BOYS by Kim Coston

Z’Scoop Probes Male Plastic Surgery:

Do your friends and colleagues frequently ask if you’re tired? Even if you’re not, a less than fresh, healthful appearance may be sending out the wrong (read aging) signals both professionally and socially. Well boys, it’s all about image perception. Just as women have always been judged by their youthful appearance, men are now being held to high standards of handsomeness.

But not to worry. Transformation is not only possible it’s much easier to achieve, often through injectiable fillers and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures. That’s why men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.

Relative to this – advertising trends. The New York Times pointed to the shift among brands that now select male models who convey personality with messaging that’s empowering to men, giving them the confidence to compete in today’s image-based society.

It’s a direction reflected in recent stats focusing on procedures for men published in March 2017 by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Inc. (ASAPS).

Quick Facts: Highlights of the ASAPS 2016 Stats
The Top 5 surgical procedures for men in 2016 were:

  • Liposuction (45,012 procedures)
  • Breast Reduction (31,368 procedures)
  • Eyelid Surgery (28,025 procedures)
  • Nose Surgery (26,205 procedures)
  • Facelift (13,702 procedures)

Visit the Aesthetic Society’s website, surgery.org or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at plasticsurgery.org for more information on all cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures as well as finding experienced and credentialed physicians throughout he U.S.

But wait a minute. If you’re not ready for injectables or the blade, ASAPS advises that UVA/UVB sun protection, not smoking and daily skin care can go a long way to maintaining a fresh healthful-looking appearance.

In fact, a guy’s daily bout with a razor can actually shave years off his face because shaving with a razor takes off the top layer of skin, promoting cell turnover and keeping skin looking young and healthy. That’s one reason why middle-aged men tend to have younger looking skin than women of comparable years.

Men also typically do not use many (or any) skin products, but they may be missing some key benefits.  The skin is the largest organ in the body, but only 1% of the body’s nutrients replenish the skin.  Products with antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E are intended to penetrate the skin’s barrier, and can be important supplements for keeping skin nourished.

Here are some basic guidelines for men to maintain a daily healthy skin care regime and keep skin looking healthier longer. And, as the ASAPS specialists tell us, following surgical procedures, healthy, well-maintained skin heals better and faster. 

  • Cleanse: Wash face twice a day with a good cleanser. Something with an alpha-hydroxy acid is recommended to promote cell-turnover; this will also minimize razor bumps.
  • Shave: Aside from the aesthetic value, shaving with a razor also exfoliates the skin.  Using hot water to shave softens the hairs, although it also tends to also dry out the skin.
  • Protect/Moisturize: Apply a good moisturizer with sun block.  During the winter, skin tends to lose its essential oils and become dry.  Moisturizing frequently will treat dry skin caused by sun exposure, shaving and surface dehydration caused by smoking, while offering protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

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