What is comfort consumerism?

With hectic, overwhelmingly faster lifestyles, we need small indulgences, little daily touches or talismans to bring some comfort, relaxation and emotional support into our lives. What are some little objects of desire – products and services that make us feel happier and discourage anxiety?

Among brands readily supplying answers, such as meditation to calm the mind and music to soothe the soul, Spotify Premium recently partnered with mindfulness platform Headspace to offer a combined subscription package to encourage meditation.

“Playlists focusing on things like calm, sleep, study, exercise. Spotify Premium complements Headspace’s guiding training the mind for a healthier, happier life,” said Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe.

And following in that vein, “Intense times call for serious magic,” says Lisa Levine, founder of Maha Rose, a Brooklyn New York mecca for holistic healing via techniques like reiki, acupuncture, crystals, tarot readings, flower-essence therapy. “More people are eager to explore things like energy healing and even shamanic journeying.”

Researchers say inflammation is linked to everything from bloating and acne to life-threatening illnesses, and this focus on inflammation-fighting food ingredients is resulting in new health-comfort products. For example, Starbucks is launching “Chile Mocha” a new anti-inflammatory drink made with cayenne pepper.

Confirmed Stephanie Kumar at Pinterest, “Turmeric latte was one of our trending flavor searches in the Pinsights Flavor Report. Ginger tea is also a trending search this year, up by 20%.

Crystals, both in-the-home and in jewelry, are considered life enhancing. Hip-hop radio personality Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss wellness brand believes they are a gift from the universe, and gives them to HipHop stars like Big Sean and Schoolboy Q.

NY fitness phenom Taryn Toomey, teaches on a crystal-embedded floor in her Tribeca studio, “to protect and balance the energetic flow of the space.”

Supposedly the happiest country in the world, Denmark has the HyggeBox. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it means “Danish coziness” delivering monthly-subscription, cocooning goodie boxes filled with the likes of tea lights, wool socks and hot chocolate.

If you have an idea for a wellness startup, Target supports the next generation of entrepreneurs in Minneapolis, May 1-5, with a start-up accelerator conference bringing 10 emerging wellness businesses to help others by providing a network of mentors, a cohort of peers and the opportunity to deepen knowledge. All this is to encourage creation of accessible, affordable and inspirational wellness products and services.

Onward and upward toward an ever more balanced mind, body and soul.

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by Ian Townsend

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