Z’Scoop’s Spotlight on Chivalry:  MAN UP WITH MANNERS by Kim Coston

Z’Scoop’s Spotlight on Chivalry:

Success in romance, dating and mating just may depend on plying your crush with special treatment. Lack of manners is a turn-off to many women who wonder if men really find it difficult to let go of all that bravado and express respect and appreciation for the opposite sex. But is being too bossy macho? Is being too confident vain? Is holding the door and carrying groceries weak, sexist, or just gentlemanly?

Kay Hymowitiz, author of “Manning Up,” says men are confused about what is expected. In the Middle Ages, it was clear: chivalry meant brave knights protecting women and children from swords and the barbarians wielding them. Today, chivalrous qualities coveted by women include being well-mannered with gentlemanly behavior and protectiveness.

And the ladies are showing their appreciation publicly for this stuff. The Gentlemen Showcase is a women’s organization designed to praise and award chivalrous men on campus, offsetting casual sex and frat house raucousness.

The New-Network of Enlightened Women organization says, “Despite what you may have learned in the news lately, many young men are polite, act with integrity, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. We want to honor those young men — and encourage more of them.”

Nominations poured in from colleges all over the country including Harvard, Florida State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and voting concluded in March for the 2017 College and Under-30 categories “Gentleman of the Year” awards. Winners receive not only titles and bragging rights for being America’s top gents, but $1,000 for the charity of choice, a Vineyard Vines tie and $100 Brooks Brothers gift cards. Nominators received $100 Amazon cards.

Proving truth to the adage “actions speak louder than words,” dress also affects manners, enhancing reliability and credibility not only with women, but in job interviews and important social interactions. Pop-style case in point; Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”song + video oozes mannerly new elegance, complete with a Tom Ford suit.

Suffice it to say, manly good manners should be part of equality.

The Gentlemen Showcase Nominees 2017
Suit & Tie, Justin Timberlake featuring JAY Z

Available at amazon.com. Click on title for more information.
Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century
by Wayne James
Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys
by Kay S. Hymowitz


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