VITAMIN MAKEOVERS: Revolutionizing the One-A-Day Ritual by Hampton Rhodes

VITAMIN MAKEOVERS: Revolutionizing the One-A-Day Ritual

Is there really such a thing as custom vitamins? The quick answer is yes! Today, custom vitamin packs are bringing major changes to the way we consume vitamins. The trend is born of a combination of lifestyle branding, wellness influence and retail convenience. But what’s involved? Z’Scoop is on the case with some research and recommendations.

A number of blockades stand in the way of committing to a daily dose of vitamins and supplements, including the lack of reliable information and guidance. With Care/of, a vitamin and supplement company that launched last year, these barriers have been lifted. After a quick, interactive survey of your diet and health goals, you’re recommended the best daily vitamins and supplements for your needs. It’s easy, intuitive and developed under the guidance of Care/of’s advisory board of doctors and academics.

From there, a month’s supply of personalized daily supplement packs is assembled and shipped to your door. All of the selections are compounded with the highest quality ingredients, and tailored to your health, age, concerns and goals. Considering this subscription is personalized just for you, the service is also surprisingly affordable.

To try Care/of, you can take the survey on their website, or you can build your own custom vitamin packs, with prices starting at $5 a month for one daily dose. There’s free shipping on all orders over $20.

Another customized vitamin service called Vitame is gaining in online popularity and allows customers to create their own daily packets of premium supplements from a carefully sourced list of suppliers. According to the Vitame website: “Not all vitamins are created equal. Many vitamins you buy in stores are low quality, low purity, and very few nutrients are absorbed. We are a company of health junkies and we only use the highest pharmaceutical grade vitamins. Our vitamins are produced on-site and guaranteed fresh. Your vitamins are shipped to your door in easy to use daily packets.”

Ordering from Vitame offers the flexibility to choose either what you want and customize your order month-to-month, or the opportunity to take a health-assessment to tailor your order to what you need.

To try Vitame, you can take a free health quiz on their website, select your daily vitamin supplements and even “turbo-charge” your exercise results with their exclusive Workout Warrior for about $45.00 per month. is yet another customable vitamin supplement supplier offering tailored vitamin supplements for your exclusive and specific needs. The Customvite Free Health Improvement Assessment identifies and analyzes the 11 organ systems of the body while determining areas where you may require nutritional support. Their analysis also incorporates your medical history, diet and lifestyle patters, genetic risk factors and more.

The average cost of Vitamin Isle daily supplements recommended is just less than $4.00 per day.

Zenamins, owned by Zen Health, Inc., proclaims that they are “Vitamins Re-Invented” and they also provide vitamin supplements that are personalized and designed for each individual. Also offering an individual supplement needs assessment, Zenamins provides pharmacy-grade technology to custom pack your vitamins into daily doses. Again — you can choose your vitamin supplements yourself, or you can take an assessment to help you decide what is best for you. Zenamins also claims charitable benevolence through social good claiming they donate 1 for 1: a year supply of Vitamin A to malnourished children. is $29.99 for 3 customized selections per 4 weeks, and $5 extra for each additional supplement thereafter, auto-renewing against your credit card every 4 weeks. Most of the Zenamins come in softgels as these have been shown to have 4X the absorption rate even though they are a little more expensive.

These are just four of the scores of companies providing an online customized dietary vitamin supplement service to consumers. There are a lot of things to consider before leaping into a new vitamin and mineral supplement program, the first of which is to consult with your primary care doctor and see if he agrees with your decision to supplement your diet with vitamins, or if you need to actually change your diet to meet your vitamin needs.

The second thing to do is reassess your eating habits and diet. Altering this alone may help you get to your goals in a faster and more enjoyable way, because, really — who wants to make a meal of pills? 




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