SAN ANTONIO: AMERICA’S VENICE:  #4 of Z’Scoop’s Top Cities To Live-Work-Thriveby Kim Coston

#4 of Z’Scoop’s Top Cities To Live-Work-Thrive

Our 4th city pick might surprise, but our sources are telling us that San Antonio is actually challenging Austin just a scant 80 miles away. Colonial San Antonio — aka the Alamo city — is grabbing headlines as the “new Austin,” the fastest growing city in Texas, and one of the fastest in the country for college-educated young people.

We know we just sang the praises of Austin and hey, hard to beat the a city that has that much great entertainment. But like Miami, in San Antonio you feel like you live in a foreign city. Full of rich historic references, a thriving art scene, stylish bars, hip cafes and exceptional cuisine, it is smaller, cheaper and easier to live in than Austin or Atlanta.

River Walk
Hub of the city, the River Walk has 15 miles of picturesque pedestrian trails and bridges along the banks of the San Antonio River, a downtown venue that connects the city’s Spanish missions to the hip Pearl area, once a 23-acre brewery complex.

Here’s a snapshot of what San Antonio has to offer:

Jobs: Tech, health, military and higher education.
Universities: Trinity and University of Texas-San Antonio.
Living: Lower housing costs than Austin, less traffic and congestion.

Nightlife: Sternewerth Bar, Hotel Emma Cool cocktails like a 3 Emma’s mix of gin, apricot, absinthe. Alamo Ice House for Lonestar Light, Lonestar and Professional Blueribbon. Southerleigh for small batch craft brews.

Dining: Neo-Latin Gastro Bar — The Culinary Institute of America’s restaurant, Rudy’s, serves nothing but platters of fried seafood and a huge photo-shopped Spurs mural occupies an entire wall.

Historic Sites: A featured city on the “El Camino Real de los Tejas” series of Indian trails and trade routes used by Spanish explorers to connect Spanish missions from Mexico City to northwestern Louisiana. Austin is also on this route, but San Antonio has twelve historic sites, compared to Austin’s four.

The Alamo: Miraculously there are still buildings standing. 1836: 189 defenders of Texas independence held The Alamo against some 4,000 Mexican troops for 13 days.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park: World Heritage Site, four Spanish colonial missions founded in the early 1700s.

La Villita Historic Arts Village: Historic buildings, scenic plazas, theaters, restaurants, boutiques connected by river walkways, original art by locals and Mexican folkart.

Historic Market Square — El Mercado: Teaming with live entertainment, dining, crafts and shopping.


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