1. virtual beauty artAll of a sudden, we’re living in virtual beauty reality. Hot virtual beauty apps are starting to proliferate. Beyond augmented reality VR beauty goggles, new shopping methods also bring enhanced experiences. Example: Beauty advisors help you try glorious lip and nail shades and you buy perfectly matched duos just for you. But wait! You just did this without even leaving home.

ModiFace, Perfect 365, Charlotte Tilbury and hair brand Matrix. L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius allows you to grab the latest makeup shades with your phone, scan and visualize products on your face, using about 22,000 color option algorithms to give you individualized foundation shades. Estée Lauder’s iMatch Digital Shade Finder also color matches in any light.

loreal makeup geniusTilbury’s VR film for “Scent of a Dream” fragrance launch shares a vivid, multi-sensory celebratory evening with notorious partier Kate Moss meant to convey the fragrance’s headier attributes and charisma.

VR’s social media presence will also put fans and influencer-beauty celebs together for participating in cool experiments like product development. According to Spencer McClurg, Executive VP of Media at the monthly Beauty Box service IPSY, “Whether it’s go-shopping-with-me, a GenBeauty event or a 360-talk show where you have a group of creators sitting around and you become part of the talk, it will all be virtual.”

ipsy beauty boxBut it’s not just about skincare and shaded products. Enter the Virtual Aroma Synthesizer.

As great songwriters and lyricists collaborate in creating a song, perfumers and their counterparts in companies like Burberry work together to create fragrances. This process has always been long and tedious, mired with many variations and interpretations. But suddenly new virtual technology is likened to being able to communicate by thought waves, and enables expert perfumers to create fragrance in real time with their clients.

smell techNew scents are customized to exact specifications and instantly explore thousands of variations. Perfumers are no longer challenged to articulate the subtleties with their clients and both parties can be speaking a new language of scent.

pink fragrance bottleBut with this new development, lead times for the required countless fragrance modifications will be shortened; communication will be more in synch. The time-saving and accuracy implications are astounding. This is a crucial breakthrough for fragrance product developers, enabling them to explore exponentially more variations rapidly to zero in on the right one.

What will it mean for you, as the end-consumer? You may, in the future, find more personalized fragrances that suit your own tastes with greater accuracy.

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