1. single surfingWith Valentine’s Day approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to being single. But being single today is not like being single in generations past. First of all, over half the population of America is single. That doesn’t mean they are all available for dating. Dating is a very personal thing for most people. So just how does one find and filter other date-able people? Online, that’s how.

But there’s an art to how to make the most of these online dating sites. By utilizing the website’s filters, a person can filter out all the people that don’t meet their sober requirements. Let Z’Scoop help you with thinking through the process and helping you find a better dating experience.

2. Happy dating copuleWith dating websites, you can pretty much pick your flavor of what you are interested in — sexual orientation is high on the list, but so are religion, race, heritage, social status, physical size, fitness, age and even hook-up sites catering to a proclivity for anonymous sex only — no dating. offers some help in finding the right online dating service for almost anyone with its lists and reviews of over 40 different dating sites.

3. logo is hands-down the most popular online dating service — it is one of the oldest, most diverse, and — according to them — the most successful in introducing couples that fit.

4. logoFounded in 1995, they have over 22 years of honing their algorithms and filters to help many people find “the right one” for dating. In the very opening screen, one has to select their preference: Woman Seeking a Man, Man Seeking a Woman, Woman Seeking a Woman or Man Seeking a Man. The profile categories are exhaustive to fill out, but well worth the effort for someone looking to seriously find their mate.

However, there are many more “specialized” online dating services catering to people who are very specific in their search for partnership. But the important thing is to only use a legitimate and recognized, reputable service. Do your research. Look not only for success rates, but also reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings.

Regardless of which online dating service you use — and there are many of them — there are a few things that you want to keep in mind and a few rules that need to be obeyed for your own safety.

If you find someone interesting that you would like to meet face to face — choose a public place with plenty of people around for that first meeting. This is common sense. You don’t want to invite a stranger into your own house, or go to a stranger’s house for your fist meeting. Male of female — this is just not a good idea.

5. busy coffee shopPersonal information should not be shared. Your favorite colors can be talked about as long as you are smart enough not to use those for any of your passwords. The same thing goes for your dogs name, your birthday and other obvious things that might be used for access to secure files or information.

Be leery of people that want to know your financial status early in the online conversation. I know this seems ridiculously obvious, but you don’t want to be an easy and pre-qualified target for scammers. There are a lot of people that are looking for lonely and vulnerable victims to take financial advantage of. Don’t be one of them.

6. social media sharing sitesDating sites should not be confused with social media sites — and the two should not be shared with each other or intermixed, until a solid level of trust has been reached. It is not recommended that you share your Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram profile with people you don’t know. There is a great amount of personal information on these social media sites — which you already share with your friends — but that you do not want to share with strangers. You need to control what information you put on an online dating service — and be very careful with that information because scammers know that people with profiles on dating sites are vulnerable — they are looking for something personal. Don’t share details of your personal or professional life with strangers until you have reached a significant level of trust and reciprocal communication that can be verified.

Verify that person presented before you on an online dating service is the person that they represent themselves to be. There are amazing tools on the Internet that can help you find out more about a person than what they tell you. Use that power of the Internet to verify that identities, jobs, experiences and personalities are exactly what they have been represented to be. Conduct a search of the person’s first and last names on Google. Verify their employment with their profiles on LinkedIn. An open search can also alert you to criminal records and news stories about that person that may have bearing on whether or not you want to meet, date or a continue communicating with that person.

7. Diverse CouplesSo the main way to insure a great experience using online dating services is to use your common sense, think through the information that you want to share, and be honest with yourself and your online dating profile. Because the point on Online Dating services is to find and match two compatible people that can have a real, in-person relationship. Be real, but be cautious. I mean — that’s the point, isn’t it? Just like in real life — which is where you truly live.

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