1-two-glasses-of-wineEvery palate is different when it comes to wine. No one can tell you what your taste in wine should be — not even the experts or the mere cost of a bottle — painfully expensive, or straight out of the box. But to truly enjoy the wine of your preference, there are a few essential items, that every wine drinker will appreciate, that can help enhance the enjoyment of their favorite vino. The folks at vinepair.com have shared some great advice and Z’Scoop is offering them (and more) this week. But let’s start with these 11:

2-wine-bottle-openers1. A Good Wine Bottle Opener
Since step number one is getting into the bottle of wine, what you want in a wine bottle opener is sturdiness and reliability. Your best bets are the classic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener or the simple, reliable Waiter’s Friend style. Me? I prefer a rabbit bottle opener — fast, easy and always perfectly uncorked!

3-wine-bottle-stopper2. A Wine Bottle Stopper
In truth, a good cork replaced firmly back into the bottle is just as good, sometimes better, than a wine bottle stopper. But they can be pretty effective since the vacuum method doesn’t generally do much for your bottle of wine. This is good usually for a couple of days at the maximum.

4-small-wine-bottles-187-ml3. A Smaller Bottle
Even partially vacuumed, there is too much air left in the bottle after one or two glasses are poured. If you’re the type who opens a bottle and has only a glass or two a night, you may want to avoid excessive oxygenation by putting that leftover half bottle into a smaller bottle, and re-sealing. You’ll decrease the amount of air in the bottle and the wine will stay fresher longer. Keep a couple of smaller bottles on hand, and rinse them between uses.

5-basic-wine-guide-books4. A Basic Wine Guide
Having access to basic wine knowledge will keep your consumption informed, and will help you pair complementary foods with wines. Websites tend to be the easiest choice but sometimes you don’t have a phone, iPad or computer by your bar. In that case, get a real printed book, to keep by your refreshment center. We also suggest that you keep a journal of the wines that you try, you like and you find to work best with your favorite foods and appetizers.

6-wine-decanter5. A Wine Decanter
Not all wine has to be decanted, but some (including some white wines) benefit from it — and almost every wine won’t be hurt by decanting. A decanter that maximizes surface area is best, since that’ll decrease the amount of time you have to decant. Plus, they tend to look really cool and will impress your guests.

7-a-wine-fridge6. A Wine Chiller
Nothing else will ensure your wine ages perfectly like a good wine fridge. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a crazy collector, a wine fridge is the best place to store your wine — including the bottles you plan to open in the near future. That’s because a wine fridge keeps the wine at the ideal temperature, and protects the cork by storing the bottles horizontally.

8-countertop-wine-rack7. A Countertop Wine Rack
Once you have a wine fridge you’re still going to need a countertop rack. Why? Because we all have a few bottles we’d like access to at a moments notice. Maybe they’re your weeknight bottles you’ve Coravined — see number 8 below — or you just want people to know they’re in the home of a person who likes to drink wine. We’re good with either reason.

9-coravin8. A Coravin System
The Coravin is a godsend for anyone who wants to drink only a glass or two of nice wine nightly, and doesn’t want to feel like they’re wasting the bottle. The Coravin System inserts a needle through the cork of your bottle and then forces argon gas inside, allowing the perfect amount of wine to come out, without letting any oxygen get in. When the needle is pulled out of the cork, the cork reseals and it’s like the bottle was never opened. You can drink whatever wine you like whenever you like.

10-wine-pourers9. Wine Pourers
This isn’t just an affectation. It’s pretty hard to pour a bottle of wine and avoid that annoying drip (there’s a wrist-twist maneuver involved that only professionals have mastered completely). These wine discs might look like a simply invention, but they’re an ingenious tool that allows you to pour wine without spilling a drop. Now there’s no need to worry about wine stains on your carpet or your fancy new white linen tablecloth.

11-ice-bucket10.  An Ice Bucket
For white wine lovers this is a “must-have.”  White wine tends to be at its best with a slight — but not frigid — chill. If you can’t buy the bottle cold and serve it immediately, or if you just want to keep it cold while you are busy enjoying life, a basic ice bucket is the way to go.

12-wine-bottle-carrier11. A Wine Bottle Carrier
Assuming that you actually want to take wine from your home and bring it somewhere else — the tailgate party, the beach, a friend’s house or a dry restaurant — you need a stylish mode of transport. A simple box could do just fine, but you’ll look a lot classier carrying something like this.

13-a-wine-toastSo with these 11 essential wine drinkers accessories, we are sure that your enjoyment of a good wine will be enhanced. Check the resources below to find the perfect accessories to increase your wine-enjoyment and for more information on educating your wine knowledge.



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