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Concrete Cowboys

concrete-cowboysConcrete Cowboys is the 1979 Burt Kennedy adventure starring Tom Selleck and Jerry Reed as two Montana cowboys who head to Nashville on a lark to start a detective agency, but the lark becomes serious when they score a case with a kidnapped singer! Yes Selleck dons his signature moustache and playful, but sexy character honed in his earlier years as television’s well-known Magnum PI. This movie is also known as Highway Action, Ramblin’ Man and Nashville Detective. But just look at how high those blue jeans are worn! Whew!

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Captain Kidd

captain-kiddCaptain Kidd is the 1945 black & white Rowland V. Lee pirate-adventure starring Charles Laughton as Captain Kidd opposite his protégé-turned-nemesis Randolph Scott who plays Adam Mercy – the condemned but cultured ultimate-hero who eventually serves the swashbuckler’s head up to the king. Great fun and full of 1699-era man-candy for the ladies..!

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The Inspector General

untitled4The Inspector General is a 1949 Henry Koster musical comedy starring Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Gene Lockhart and Barbara Bates. In this farce, a snake-oil salesman that is too honest for his own good gets fired and wanders into a strange town where he is mistaken for a diplomat and must keep up the charade of refinement through numerous attempts to assassinate him by the town’s people – until the real Inspector General arrives! Assuming a false identity always has it’s perils but one’s true colors always reveal themselves!

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There Goes the Bride

untitled3There Goes the Bride is a 1980 Terry Marcel comedy starring Tommy Smothers and Twiggy Lawson where a nervous ad executive creates havoc on his daughter’s wedding day with his obsession over an imaginary dream-girl flapper from the Roaring 20’s that he keeps seeing everywhere but cannot catch. Hey – fantasy always kicks in when reality becomes too much – right? This fun-for-all comedy is sure to please.

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Life Begins at 40

untitled2Life Begins at 40 is a 1935 black & white George Marshall comedy starring Will Rogers, Rochelle Hudson, Richard Cromwell and Jane Darwell where a newsman bests a hard-nosed banker and clears a youth framed for bank robbery. This movie, along with other Will Rogers vehicles were generally set in small-town America, where residents all know each other, and picnics, hog-callings, and hayrides are the order of the day. The bucolic settings evoke nostalgia for an idealized time or place that never really existed. Kinda’ like the falsely sentimental olden days when America used to be great!

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Only With Married Men

untitled1Only With Married Men is a 1974 Jerry Paris comedy starring David Birney, Michele Lee, John Astin and Dom DeLuise where a girl decides that she will only date married men, and she runs into a bachelor who tells women that he is married in order to avoid long-term commitments. One lie leads to another as the story unravels and so to the situational laughs! Everyone who has ever dated should see this movie!

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The Sell-Out

untitled5The Sell-Out is a 1976 Peter Collinson drama starring Oliver Reed, Richard Widmark, Gayle Hunicutt and Sam Wanamaker and tells the story of the complicated relationship of two old opposing spy buddies trying to help each other out where both the Soviet and the American governments want each of them dead. Oh – and there is a shared lover in their past and present as well. Honey, pass the turkey. Can we dish?

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