lead-image-faith-basedStephen Baldwin — once the record holder as baddest of the bad boy Baldwin brothers — has seen the religious light in his own life as well as onscreen.

baldwin-brothersPersonally, Baldwin and his wife, Brazilian beauty Kennya (who he met on a Manhattan bus) have based their marriage of 26 years on a strong spiritual core that grew with Baldwin’s belief in his redemption from personal crises and both clearly proclaim their grounding in faith.

scarlett-movie-posterProfessionally, Baldwin has joined the ranks of A-listers flocking to star in faith-based films and can currently be seem in Strong Foundation Films’ “Scarlett.” The drama premiered earlier this month and is currently hitting big screens in select cities nationwide.

The film is another positive example of the so-tagged Hollywood- message movies flooding theaters with very positive results. With lower production costs and select distribution, reaching their ever-widening target audience can be swift and profitable.

gods-not-dead-movieAccording to Bloomberg BusinessWeek (March 30 2016), the category is growing at an unholy rate. In fact, many films have mainstreamed, racking up big box office wins with subtle yet inspiring messages. A prime example is the 2014 hit “God’s Not Dead,” an unapologetic Christian drama from David A.R. White’s Pure Flix Entertainment that grossed $62 million at box office against a shoestring $1.2 million budget.

When its sequel, “God’s Not Dead 2,” hit theaters in April, it joined a conspicuously crowded market of Lenten releases including “Miracles From Heaven” and “Risen.” In the “render unto Caesar” department, since their openings, “Miracles” has grossed nearly $63 million and “Risen” has reached $37 million.

From its April 1st opening weekend though July 21st, “God’s Not Dead 2” has thus far grossed over $21 million.

To see David A.R. White in action, movie lovers can go to and enjoy “Holyman Undercover” in which the Pure Flix co-founder both stars and produced.gods-not-dead-2-copy

Keeping pace, August through October sees — in addition to Scarlett — a plethora of spiritual messaging films. Among them: “Remember The Goal,” “Greater: The Story of Brandon Burlsworth,” “Vanished: Left Behind – The Next Generation” and “The Lamb to Life.”

Stephen Baldwin’s “Scarlett,” for which he takes directorial as well as starring credit, was helmed by veteran Strong Foundation Films producer Sun Hui East. The film tells the dramatic love story of two talented architects, Chase and Scarlett whose dreams for the future are abruptly ended when Scarlett is diagnosed with cancer.

As her life ebbs away, Scarlett struggles with her faith and God’s love for her. How could a loving God cut short her life and plans? Chase helps her overcome her fears and doubts as they fight the battle together. Living next door to them is a young woman named Mia who is also fighting for her life and the life of her unborn child in an abusive marriage.

Mia thinks there’s no way out when Chase intervenes to bring help and she discovers that God has heard her prayers. With a surprise twist at the end, the worlds of Scarlett, Chase and Mia intertwine and bring hope and peace to their lives.

sun-hui-eastBoth Stephen Baldwin and producer East have similar views on summing up the story’s impact. Says Baldwin; “No matter who you are or where you’re from, this story will speak to you.”

Explain it however you want: savvy positioning or divine intervention, but when it comes to box office returns, God is good and only getting better.


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