guys-jumping-at-sunsetA new hard-to-ignore movement toward pushing extreme lifestyle boundaries has emerged. Practitioners are adrenaline junkies searching for dangerously challenging experiences, exploring physical and spiritual limits, or simply communicating extreme expressions of individuality.

Adventure-Driven Tourism
Up 65%+ from 2010-14, this sector offers apps for those who want to engage in companies like War Zone Tours offering war-torn and danger-ridden destinations where the higher the degree of difficulty or risk, the better.

Healing and Transformative Tourism Gives New Meaning to “Tripping”
From energy grids to sacred springs to ancient mountains, there are places all over the world that act as healing meccas, drawing people with the wonders they’re said to work. Get ready for some serious wanderlust.

As Latin America rapidly expands its travel options, spiritual tourism is growing at an exceedingly fast pace. Beach and mountain lodges and resorts are increasingly attracting yoga instructors and meditation retreats. In places throughout the Amazon you will find shaman leading ayahuasca rituals, which are becoming popular forms of spiritual tourism in South America.

In the Andes, shamans use the San Pedro cactus to begin guided hallucinations and the practice is becoming more and more open to Western tourists.

The Kapitari Retreat in Iquitos Peru includes physical, emotional and spiritual detoxing and purging. Offered are four ayahuasca ceremonies led by shaman, Don Lucho, a series of aromatic purification and detoxing baths, lodging, meals, transportation to and from Iquitos.

Watch authentic ayahuasca retreat ceremonies in Kapitari here.

india-spiritual-tourismExtreme Spirituality in India: Where There Be Dragons
If you’re up for Himalayan trekking, meditation under the Bodhi tree, time to deconstruct the word “caste,” or become part of another family, then WhereThereBeDragons.com is the place to start. Spiritually driven travelers can split time between the Hindu city of Varanasi by the holy Ganges River and Ladakh, the Tibetan Buddhist area perched in the Himalayas.

burning-man-nevadaSelf-Reliance Escape in Burning Man Nevada
Billed as an annual exercise in Radical Self-Reliance in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, tens of thousands of people gather to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis of community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

near-death-tourismNear-Death Tourism: Fearless Skyscraping
Parkour — the training discipline using movement to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible — was never for sissies.

But jumping around architecturally innovative high-rise buildings takes it up a considerable notch. Add in broadcasting those selfies on social media and thrill swapping with scared bystanders makes it possible to share online some exciting near death experiences.

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Kapitari Retreat
Where There Be Dragons
Burning Man Nevada

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