lead-image-aerial-view-of-the-ganJust over 350 miles from Manhattan, up Interstate 81 through Scranton, PA and up through Syracuse and Watertown, NY, on into Canada on the Thousand Islands Parkway is a beautiful and historic town in the Province of Ontario, Canada called Gananoque, which is located in the heart of the exquisite Thousand Islands district and perched on the St. Lawrence River.

Gananoque offers fall foliage explorers and weekend adventurers a wide variety of escapades that are sure to pleasure the eyes, ears and bellies of singles, couples, family and friends especially during the second and third weeks of October.

2-thousand-islands-playhouseFor a tourist town of only 5,200 residents, Gananoque offers many attractions including helicopter tours of the Thousand Islands, a couple of accomplished regional theaters, wonderful fishing charters, skin-diving the ancient shipwrecks — even a gambling casino! And of course there are some great art galleries, interesting museums and fantastic shopping!

For overnight accommodations, there are plenty of hotel chains represented, some even offering weekend specials, however Z’Scoop recommends that you find the right B&B or Inn & Spa to make your weekend vacation special. We recommend the Glen House Resort or the Gananoque Inn and Spa — both highly rated and mid-price range, both offering special weekend packages depending on which week or weekend you are planning to visit.

3-gananoque-inn-and-spaThe Thousand Island Boat Museum is a must see for its collection of wooden runabout boats, along with the Arthur Child Heritage Museum. But the museum-esque Heather Haynes Gallery offers interesting interpretations of African Congo culture and the ambiance of the St. Lawrence Seaway through their art.



Kings Street in Gananoque is the main drag, meaning everything that is anything is there. It crosses the picturesque Gananoque River in the center of town and also abuts Sculpture Park in the same general area. Not a huge park comparatively speaking, but pleasant outside space to enjoy resting your feet.

6-sculpture-parkNow the business of eating is an art in Gananoque. Many restaurants are available allowing you to choose from fast food and pizza for convenience to romantic and epicurian delights of fine dining. We suggest you make it really special by visiting the top 3 on King Street.

7-the-socialist-pigThe Socialist Pig at 21 King offers Latin American and Italian specializing in breakfast and brunch with its unique book-based counter and yoga classes upstairs; Riva at 45 King is for seared halibut or genuine braised short ribs and Gorgonzola; and perhaps the Maple Leaf Grill at 65 King for Hungarian and Modern European for spaetzle, schnitzel and borscht.


With plenty of interesting things to do and see, with wonderfully comfortable and pampering hotels and spas, and with really great food prepared in interesting ways, Gananoque is a perfect weekend getaway.

9-wellesley-island-in-the-fallAnd as we said earlier — the best times to see the fall foliage is the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. So, make your plans now to visit this tiny yet easily accessible Canadian jewel.

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Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands
by Anthony Mollica and George Fischer
My Love Affair With the St. Lawrence River
by Robert R. Aubrey
Fool’s Paradise: Remembering The Thousand Islands
By Paul Malo

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