lead-image-too-much-advertisingIs interruptive multi-platform tv-radio-internet-email driving you so bonkers that you want to turn it off? Go unbranded. Try some alternative and amazing anonymous experiences — online and off — that are aesthetically compatible, but do not blare “Mad-Men”-like branding, advertising messages or push sales.

Emotionally powerful video storytelling with moody conceptual images and music are really effective. And creative online communities are sprouting up, revolving around themes like beauty, fashion and art to engage people authentically in dialogues that matter to them.

But there are other engagements, too. Some food and beverage companies have unbranded food trucks that are going mobile to get feedback on new ideas for menus directly from real people. Reviving the way consumer product giants like P&G and Unilever financed soap opera production to be able to plug cleaning products and detergents to housewives.

nowness-leadThis new wave of subtle messaging is the result of people fed up with being targeted. One of the best examples Z’Scoop has found is NOWNESS This group releases one video daily on themes such as art, culture, fashion food, cinema and travel.

This amazing cultural universe is totally editorially independent from its mother group LVMH. Yet it projects visually and audibly the group’s luxury aesthetics and quality with extraordinary content.

“There’s no advertising on Nowness, and there never has been. Our way of monetizing the site is on branded content, making films together,” said editor-in-chief Claudia Donaldson.

claudia-donaldsonAnother in the Nowness series, called Untaggable, explores topics like: “How does #music move us?” It is a good example of this kind of unbranded communication experience. The presentation uses a moody split-personality and split screen conceptual film and soundtrack from Mark Pritchard featuring Thom Yorke “that explores how we are attracted to and respond to music; how music can mean different, personal things to very different people separated by time and space and also demonstrates how the same piece of music can unify them.”

untaggableYou would never know the film was sponsored by Audi until the very end when very briefly a car and Audi logo flash on the screen. In order to generate revenue, Nowness offers brands the ability to develop sponsored content with its team or select sponsored playlists. Nowness also plans to offer e-commerce through third parties. Viewers are able create their own playlists from the site’s archive and share them via social media.

So go unbranded and check it out.


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