lead-image-get-glowingBesides healthy eating, sunscreen use, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily and not smoking, dermatologists and product development experts agree that regime skincare with systems of targeted products bring the speediest skin-changing visible results.

Read on for Z’Scoop discoveries that just may be the next best things to a second, more generous dip in the great skin gene pool.

03Camille Coton’s Two-Step Smooth-Erase-Reveal System
This is a remarkably simple skincare innovation for all skin ethnicities and types.

Step 1 — Soft Microdermabrasion Cream erases dead skin and surface debris softly without the discomfort of micro beads, crystals, acids or enzymes.

Step 2 — Bloom Balm Oil Serum soothes and cocoons skin for a healthy glow, delivering instant moisture and optimizing natural retinol, collagen-promotion while infusing skin with anti-oxidant rich vitamins.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-58-41-amDr. Perricone Pre-Empt Series
Touted as The Next Generation of Skincare, the Pre-empt Series is designed to prevent problems before they happen. Containing turmeric, olive leaf, green tea and cress sprouts, the innovative Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex is aimed at awakening naturally occurring genes to improve the skin’s ability to defend itself against oxidative stress. How does it do that? Read on.

Exfoliating Pore Refiner: DMAE and fruit extracts exfoliates, clarifies, refines pores for smoother-looking skin.

Skin Perfecting Serum: Resurfaces texture, combats fine lines with powerful antioxidants, the highest concentration of Nrf2 and brightening Vitamin C Ester.

Oil-Free Hydrating Cream: Fight the first signs of aging for skin not yet in need of repair with antioxidant moisturization.
 Infused with hyaluronic acid and nourishing Vitamin B5.

Brightening Eye Cream: Combats dark circles, prevents lines and puffiness with radiance-promoting antioxidants

alpha-blu-groupAlpha Blu System by Dr. Brian Mehling
Including day, night and eye cream plus an exceptional smoothing serum, the system is suited for all skin types and for men and women 35 years+.

This skincare regime has a unique story in that the products are derived directly from ethically harvested adult human stem cells. Based on this breakthrough technology, these products are said to accelerate cell renewal. Plus ingredients such as cytokines and proteins support firmness, elasticity and youthful glow.

Founder Dr. Brian Mehling explains, “Plant stem cells cannot trigger growth or regeneration of new skin cells and do not promote healing like human ones.”

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