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The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West

untitled2The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West is a 1976 Comedy Western directed by Jack Arnold and completed by the infamous director Earl Bellamy. The movie, starring Bob Denver and Forrest Tucker, chronicles the silly adventures of a bumbling wagon master (Tucker) and his klutzy assistant (Denver, of course!) as they attempt to take seven passengers across the prairie. Among the passengers are two wealthy Bostonians, an aspiring showgirl, a teacher, and a bachelor.
See Bob Denver exercise his comedic chops outside of his infamous role of “Gilligan!”

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At War with the Army

at-war-with-the-armyAt War with the Army is a 1950 black & white Rom/Com Musical directed by Hal Walker. The movie stars the insane comedy of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Lewis’s character, Alvin Corwin goes from one mishap to another at an Army training camp in World War II. Of course the Lewis/Martin chemistry dominates throughout this hysterical look at boot camp!

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The Street Fighter

the-street-fighter“The Street Fighter,” again starring Sonny Chiba, is also another Martial Arts/Action thriller released in 1974 and directed by Shigehiro Ozawa. Also staring Goichi Yamada, Yutaka Nakajima, Tony Cetera and Masafumi Suzuki, it tells the story of a tough mercenary, a master of martial arts who, when the Japanese Mafia and Yakuza try to hire him to kidnap the daughter of a billionaire for ransom but fail to meet his exorbitant price, try to kill him to conceal their plan. As any good martial arts hero of the era, he promptly offers his services to protect her. Chiba is at his best here and his moves in this movie help to define his film legacy.

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Fists of Fury

fists-of-fury“Fists of Fury” also known as “The Big Boss,” is a 1971 Martial Arts/Action/Drama film written and directed by Wei Lo starring the infamous Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien, and Yong-Chieh Han, and tells the story of how a young martial arts master, committed to non-violence, reluctantly but masterfully pits his inner warrior against the criminal forces behind the disappearance of his cousins. This was Bruce Lee’s first major film, however it was written for James Tien. When the film’s original director, Ng Kar-seung, was replaced by Lo, Lee was given the leading role instead. Lee’s strong performance overshadowed Tien, already a star in Hong Kong, and made Bruce Lee famous across Asia — and soon — the world.

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The Bodyguard

the-bodyguard“The Bodyguard” (aka Karate Kiba) is a 1976 Martial Arts/Action/Crime thriller directed by Ryuichi Takamori and Simon Nuchterm staring Shin’ichi (Sonny) Chiba, Jiro Chiba, Etsuko Shihomi and Aaron Banks, and tells the tale of a karate master and anti-drug vigilante who returns to his home in Japan, where he announces his intention to wipe out the nation’s drug industry and offers protection for those who inform on the drug-traffickers. Interestingly, Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” movie paid homage to this film when Samuel L. Jackson’s character quoted Ezekiel 25:17 from the bible, as did Chiba’s character in this film (with minor edits, of course)!

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36 Crazy Fists

36-crazy-fists“36 Crazy Fists” is a 1977 Martial Arts/Action/Drama film directed by Chi-Hwa Chen, billed as starring Jackie Chan (but he is nowhere to be seen in the movie — he was the fight choreographer and stunt man!), and actually stars Siu-Hung Leung, Michelle Yim and Lau Chan. “36 Crazy Fists” tells the story of a man struggling to learn Kung Fu to avenge the death of his father who was murdered by Manchurian gangsters. Lots of stellar martial arts action, and wonderful set-ups for humor, but somehow the punch lines never seem to hit home. Maybe it was lost in translation? Or editing … but still a great martial arts period piece!

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The Sign of Four

4-the-ign-of-4“The Sign of Four” is a 1932 black & white British Crime/Mystery film directed by Graham Cutts and staring Ian Hunter, Arthur Wontener, Ilsa Bevin, Graham Soutton and Miles Malleson in which a young woman needs Sherlock Holmes for protection when she’s tormented by an escaped killer. However, when the woman is abducted, Holmes and Watson must infiltrate the city’s criminal underworld to track down the young woman.

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Murder at the Baskervilles

2-murder-at-baskervilles“Murder at the Baskervilles” is a 1937 British Mystery/Crime film directed by Thomas Bentley and staring Arthur Wontener in his last role as Sherlock Holmes. In this episode of the infamous movie saga, Sherlock Holmes takes a vacation and visits his old friend Sir Henry Baskerville. His vacation ends when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a double-murder mystery. Now he’s got to find Professor Moriarty and the horse Silver Blaze before the great final horse race. Co-stars include Ian Fleming, the Australian actor – not the writer – with credits in over 100 British movies who was mostly known for his role here as Dr. Watson to Arthur Wontener’s Sherlock Holmes.

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1-murderIn this 1930 black & white Alfred Hitchcock Crime/Mystery/Thriller, Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring and Phyllis Konstram star in telling the story of a juror in a murder trial who, after voting to convict, has second thoughts and begins to investigate on his own before the execution. This classic edge-of-your-seat Hitchcockian tale is so very appropriately titled, “MURDER!”

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