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The Arab Conspiracy

14088405_595993620572323_5385765419341545412_nThe Arab Conspiracy is a 1976 Action Thriller directed by Richard C. Sarafian and stars Sean Connery, Cornelia Sharpe, Albert Paulsen, Adolfo Celi and Marco St. John. Also known as The Next Man and as Double Hit, this film is set during the Arab oil embargo, as Connery plays a Saudi diplomat with ideas to lead an OPEC oil deal with Israel when he encounters a terrorist hit woman played by Sharpe. Romance, espionage, betrayal and international conspiracies abound in this intriguing drama.

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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery

Great St. Louis Bank RobberyThe Great St. Louis Bank Robbery is a black & white 1959 Action/Drama/Thriller directed by Charles Guggenheim and stars the ‘King of Cool’ himself – Steve McQueen. Along with Crahan Denton, David Clarke, James Dukas, Molly McCarthy, Martha Gable and Larry Gerst, The Great St Louis Bank Robbery tells the tale of an aspiring young college-dropout wanting to make a big score of cash to finance the completion of his education, but his girlfriend, his accomplice’s sister, and her suspicions, complicate his plans. Natural timing of conversations, believable dialog, great camera angles and some pretty impressive early acting by McQueen, make this vintage heist film definitely worth seeing.

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Rio Lobo

13882289_589120817926270_984944325476898512_nHoward Hawks’ 1970 Western/Adventure Romance film, Rio Lobo stars John Wayne, Jennifer O’Neill, Jack Elam and Jorge Rivero where Wayne plays Col. Cord McNally, an ex-union officer in the American Civil War who teams up with a couple of former Confederate soldiers to track down a former Union traitor now terrorizing the small Texas town of Rio Lobo. This was the last film directed by the infamous Howard Hawks, and also the last acting role for Sherry Lansing who later became the CEO of Paramount Pictures.

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The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too MuchJames Stewart and Doris Day star in this 1956 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery/Thriller/Drama “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” in which Dr. Ben McKenna (James Stewart) is on vacation with his wife (Doris Day) and son in Morocco when a chance encounter with a stranger sets their trip, and their lives, on a drastically different course. The stranger, killed in front of the family in the marketplace, reveals an assassination plot to the Americans. The couple’s son is abducted in order to ensure the plot is kept secret, and suddenly the mother and father, with no help from the police, must figure out a way to get their child back.

Against this backdrop, Doris Day sings her famous faithful ballad, “Que Sera Sera,” which she at first refused to sing as “a forgettable children’s song.” The song not only went on to win an Academy Award but it also became the biggest hit of her recording career and her signature song. She went on the sing this same song in “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” in 1960, and in “The Glass Bottom Boat” in 1966 as well as her theme song for all 124 episodes of her television series, “The Doris Day Show” starting in 1968.

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