reading-at-the-beachTreat yourself to some great summer reading with these two books available in both print and e-books by Bill Powers – “The Pharm House” and “The Torch Is Passed.” These page-turners will keep you firmly planted on your beach towel at the shore, or your sleeping sofa on the back porch of your mountain cabin for hours – but it will only seem like a minute!

Almost three years ago, Powers burst onto the fictional writing scene with his first and highly acclaimed novel, “The Pharm House,” which was a finalist in the Medical Thriller category of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards. “The Pharm House” introduced readers to the Dr. Nicholas Harding family and a mystery involving malpractice, greed, murder and corruption. A re-edited version was re-issued in September of 2015.

The Pharm HouseThis past year, in 2015, a sequel to the Harding family saga continues in “The Torch Is Passed,” with the challenges of Nicholas’s daughter Andrea who has inherited the family business through the murder of her family. Having just graduated college, Andrea not only has to run the family business, she must also solve the mystery of who would want to kill both her father and her uncle – and why.

In “The Torch is Passed,” emboldened by intriguing new friends and allies, Andrea sets off on an onerous undertaking to find answers – the true answers – of who and why her family has been so viciously attacked as she struggles to preserve the family business.

The Torch is PassedMystery, intrigue, big business protectionism, murder, espionage and, yes – even historical politics – are woven into this masterfully told, emotional vortex of action, adventure, redemption and revenge.

According to online book critic Patricia Day’s review of “The Torch Is Passed,” which she gave 5 stars, “This is a fast-paced story of greed, murder, and ambition. Thrown into the mix are characters from the Russian mob, whose cold, calculated methods to annihilate anyone crossing their path leave you breathless, and you have a book that will grab you from the very first page. It is a tale of corporate greed and misguided trust and broken trust. I enjoyed this book very much. There’s a lot of detail, but the characters are strong and you quickly determine whose side you are on. Well written.”

Bill PowersBill Powers came to authorship from 26 years in pharmaceutical research with the Johnson & Johnson Company in north-central New Jersey. Both his parents were teachers and had great influence on his love of language, communication and story telling. With a Doctorate degree in Toxicology, and this wealth of experience in pharmaceutical research, Powers has morphed himself into a substantial writer of mystery and intrigue adeptly and forcefully crafting well-told stories rife with cunning and the art of the surprise reveal.

Z’Scoop recommends you read both books in order of publication – first “The Pharm House” and then “The Torch Is Passed.” You’ll be glad you did!

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The Pharm House
by Bill Powers
The Torch Is Passed
by Bill Powers

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