Z’Scoop Zooms In On Epic Tech Style: HIGH KEY SMART FASHIONby Kim Coston

Z’Scoop Zooms In On Epic Tech Style:

dress and blueprintImagine living a digitally immersive experience, a physical version of the Web just by wearing smart clothes. As the tech-style market balloons from $1.46 billion worth of watches and fitness trackers to $80 billion of smart apparel and footwear, we can plan on full tech wardrobes by 2020.

Clearly the fashion game-changing strategy shifted into high key when Apple poached luxury fashion CEO’s like Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve and Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts.

High Tech StyleThis spring, Apple sponsored the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual red carpet Gala and latest exhibit in New York with highly publicized “Manus x Machina,” spotlighting technology’s dramatic impact on all modes of dress. Who’s ahead of the pack?



Iris Van Herpen

According to Van Herpen, “normal rules don’t apply.” And no one does it better right now. Who could forget the legendary limited edition Dom Perignon metamorphosis video? This is a modern view of Haute Couture that combines fine handwork techniques with digital technology, forcing fashion to the extreme contradiction between beauty and regeneration.

Bsmart sports braecca McCharen

With Intel, McCharen cooked up a smart sports bra responsive to body temps and sweatiness as well as sensor light panels that illuminate dress silhouettes.


Using “visual cryptography,” dresses are transformed via audio trigger from black-and-white to houndstooth to floral.


Their smart suit—debuted at the CES 2016 (Consumer Tech Association trade show Las Vegas): is embedded with NFC (Near Field Communication) tags programmed with info that wearers access with smartphones.

Samsungsmart stilleto

Enter the smart shoe (shades of ’60’s TV spy Maxwell Smart) called IOFIT. Uses pressure sensors plus a coaching app to improve balance and posture, the footwear potentially enhances fitness routines or golf swings.

Awear Solutionsa wear triple

The button-sized, low-energy blue-tooth chip app—when embedded into any product—can do several things. Says Liron Slonimsky, co-founder of Awear, “If you’re going to the Coachella Festival wearing this product, you will have access to our VIP WiFi lounge.’ Bonus feature:

It can also alert wearers about discounts, or pre-sales.

Francis BitontiDitaVonTeese-Bitonti

This designer is responsible for the digital morphogenesis that spawned the unforgettable Dita Von Teese-Mutatio 3D gown.

We aren’t talking virtual. The reality is here, so open your mind and your wardrobe to the smart garb of tomorrow, today.

Iris Van Herpen
Becca McCharen
Humanfit Smart Suit
Samsung IOFIT
Awear Solutions
Francis Bitonti



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