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Want to Increase Work Productivity?

sit to stand varying deskNew research recently published by Texas A&M University suggests people can boost their productivity by using stand-up desks. The research examined the production of call center workers over a period of 6 months in two groups – one that had regular desks and those with the option of variable height seating.

Results of the research shows that workers with the option of either standing or sitting while they worked were about 46 % more productive that those who were in traditional seating mode. Interestingly enough, workers in the stand-capable work settings sat for about 1.6 hours less per day.

This balance of standing and sitting intervals seems to indicate that our bodies naturally know when we need to move during our workdays.

Standing workstation in BlackIn the past, many pundits have promoted the health benefits of standing desks. The inactivity of sitting at a desk all day may increase risks of diabetes, heart attack, obesity and a variety of medical issues. Conversely, working or writing while standing promotes movement, passive exercise and stretching.

Many back problems originate from extensive amounts of time sitting or slouching in desk chairs. As relative newcomer to the office environment in this computer age, the Standing Desk can aid in eliminating these problems and help prevent similar occurrences. Many seated-to-standing converted workers have also reported improved metabolic rates.

focusSome of the ‘pros’ for standing desks are not just physical. Many users report being more attuned to their tasks as standing increases attention spans, promoting better concentration and focus.

Now there are some ‘cons’ to the standing desk situation. Not the least being the initial discomfort of sore legs and feet while getting acclimated to the new work posture. Many new standing desk converts resort to footwear equipped with insoles and extra arch supports. Thus far, these concerns have proven temporary.

standing work stationsIf you’re considering purchasing a Standing Desk, we recommend the following:

  • A variable height desk allows both sitting and standing, better enabling workday comfort.
  • Standing Desk Mats provide cushioning for legs and feet – especially if your workplace has concrete floors.
  • Standing desks are not laptop friendly and may require switching to a desktop. The space between screen and keyboard can be significantly smaller than the distance between eye and elbow.
  • If you are considering a Standing Only desk, look into the options for a treadmill desk that will increase standing movement while working.

hamster deskThere are many desk configurations that can satisfy your needs for comfort, productivity, longevity promotion and downright practicality. But before jumping in and purchasing an expensive, life-changing desk, it’s important to objectively evaluate where you are now against what your ultimate goals are. Do your research, consider your options and find the best improvement – either intermittent or permanent – that will fit your budget, your physical condition and your goals.

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