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How to Marry a Millionaire

howtomarryamillionaireMarilyn Monroe, Lauren Becall, and Betty Grable star in the 1953 Hollywood classic “How to Marry a Millionaire” as three women renting a luxurious penthouse in New York City, on a mission to marry millionaires. They have no problem meeting them, but most turn out to be cons. Eventually they must decide, is a life of luxury more important to them than finding true love?

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The Prince and the Showgirl

The-Prince-and-the-Showgirl“The Prince and The Showgirl” (1957) brings together two Iconic Hollywood mega-stars, Sir Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. She portrays an American showgirl named Elsie who becomes entangled in political intrigue when the prince regent of a foreign country —played by Olivier—clumsily attempts to seduce her.

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