TECH MEETS STYLE X 5!by Hampton Rhodes


1. Adidas Teases Consumers with First-ever Sneaker 3D Printed from Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Waste
Leapfrogging Nike’s social consciousness rule, the athletic shoe manufacturer Adidas announces its new sneaker (actually a running shoe) made of recycled plastic ocean waste.

According to Joe McCarthy of, the shoe manufacturer has developed a process for turning the ocean’s plastic pollution into fibers that can be 3D printed into an amazingly flexible sports shoe using its custom-midsole Futurecraft 3D printing process. The new, ocean-plastic shoes may be available for purchase later in 2016 (price is yet to be determined), but for now, this prototype is more of a symbolic gesture to exhibit the brand’s willingness and commitment to reducing environmental impact.


2. Dolce & Gabbana Now Selling Hand-Painted Refrigerators
Famed couture fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana have partnered with Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg to design limited-edition FAB28 refrigerators featuring hand-painted designs of the duo.

DGSmeg RefrigeratorsThe stylish and impressive refrigerators went on sale last month at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 for €30,000 or about $34,209 US. D&G has commissioned local Sicilian artists to hand paint the refrigerators with each one taking about 240 hours to complete. Americans should refrain from using magnets on this piece of art!


3. New Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer
Dyson, the people who re-invented the vacuum cleaner with airflow technology, has launched into hair care by announcing the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair dryer. Using its unique knowledge of motors and air multiplier technology combined with an understanding of the science of hair, Dyson has created a machine that is fast, intelligent and engineered for balance.

Dyson Hair DryerDyson claims to have gone through 600 prototypes to get to the final design that has the motor in the handle for balance, attachments for airflow restriction and dispersement, and testing and analytics from professional experts. With that amount of attention to detail, it’s no wonder that the retail price is $399. Orders are being taken online, but expected delivery is sometime around September of this year.


or pre-order at:

4. Tron Meets Twister With This New High-Tech Workout in NYC’s Asphalt Green
Europe’s hottest interactive workout trend has arrived in NYC and maybe soon at your own local gym. AG6™ is a combination of geek nirvana and sweat. Meet AG6™, Asphalt Green’s newest mind-and-body-game simulation that makes you feel like you are experiencing AI in a PS4 as you put your body through some major paces.

AG6 workoutAG6™ is an interactive, cross-training workout designed to burn 1000 calories in 45 minutes. It’s fast. It’s entertaining. And it is so not-boring, that we are sure this will keep you focused as you shed those calories. We only hope that other syndicated gyms get on board and begin to provide this mind-blowing vacation-in-a-workout.


5. Experiencing the Smart Home: Try-Before-You-Buy Tech Space Launched
Connecting your home to the Internet of Things just became a bit easier in London with the John Lewis department store dedicating a completely new, try-before-you-buy Smart Home section.

John-Lewis-Smart-Home-8-1200x800Rachel Arthur reports in that the new demonstration areas in John Lewis’ department stores are a smash hit featuring many of the new Smart Home technologies allowing consumers to control much of their lives for better efficiencies, saving money and the planet.


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