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Victory at Sea

Victory_at_SeaHonor Memorial Day with “Victory at Sea,” the 26 episode series that shared the Marine experience of WWII. It was aired every Sunday afternoon from October 1952 to May 1953 for a nation (and, indeed, a planet) for whom the Second World War was still a very fresh memory.

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Hannibal Brooks

Hannibal BrooksIn the 1969 adventure film “Hannibal Brooks,” Stephen “Hannibal” Brooks is a British prisoner of war at a zoo in Munich, Germany who’s assigned to look after an Asian elephant called Lucy. When Americans bomb the zoo, Hannibal finds a chance to escape and takes the elephant with him. Together with an American and an Austrian, he heads for the Swiss border and freedom.

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At War with the Army

At War with the Army“At War with the Army” is a 1950 musical comedy film directed by Hal Walker and starring the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis as Vic Puccinelli and Alvin Korwin, former nightclub partners who are now enlisted in the United States Army at an army post in Kentucky during World War II. Puccinelli outranks Korwin as they go from one mishap to another while trying to achieve their goals.

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Gung Ho

Gung Ho War is hell as you’ll see in Gung Ho!, the true World War ll story starring Oscar winning Randolph Scott as Lieutenant Colonel Evans Carlson leading the 2nd Marine Battalion known as Carlson’s Raiders in their 1943 attack on Makin Island.

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13051631_546837588821260_7125852857487304129_n Considered the greatest film that Alfred Hitchcock never made, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1955 mystery thriller Diabolique is set in a provincial boarding school run by headmaster Michel Delasalle (Paul Meurisse). A ruthless lothario, he becomes the target of a murder plot concocted by his long-suffering invalid wife Christina (Vera Clouzot, the director’s own spouse) and his latest mistress, an icy teacher played by Simone Signoret. A dark, dank thriller with a much-imitated “shock” ending, Diabolique is a masterpiece of Grand Guignol suspense. The simple murder plot goes haywire, and Michel’s corpse disappears, prompting strange rumors of his reappearance which grow more and more substantial as the film careens wildly towards its breathless conclusion. Later remade as a greatly inferior 1996 Hollywood feature with Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani.