BASEBALL, BEER AND BRO-TOX? For Men’s Grooming Botox Is a Cause For Celebration  by Mariah Barns

For Men’s Grooming Botox Is a Cause For Celebration

triple man botoxWhen you think of Botox (and so many are, these days), the image is more like Real Housewives of Wherever than a bunch of guys getting together in the name of looking younger. As a proven wrinkle eraser, Botox is a go-to treatment for millions of women. But now, more and more men are opting for the cosmetic procedure and making it an occasion for a “brotox” party.

In fact, the offices of cosmetic plastic surgeons and dermatologists have become party central for the all-male version of a Botox party as men are injected with Botox to smooth out wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes — and making an occasion of it.

man botoxOf course, a Botox party is nothing new, except that until recently it was usually the women’s domain. Say recent Botox patients who’ve attended such soirees, what they are trying to break is the stereotype that it’s only for women. Their credo is why can’t guys do it as well? After all, they want to look good as well.

What’s driving the trend? According to noted New York City cosmetic plastic surgeon Z. Paul Lorenc MD FACS, “it’s partially driven by social media to a large extent. It’s also representative of a tremendous increase of 20 percent from last year to this year of injectables such as Botox.” Dr. Lorenc said more than 6 million people had the minimally invasive procedure last year, about 10 percent of them men.

“Aesthetic procedures have become much more open. Everyone is talking about it, it’s all over the news, it’s in the press, it’s on TV — it’s much more commonplace.” But even with the growing trend of brotox parties, Lorenc said certain rules of professionalism still apply, “We and I speak for myself and other reputable practitioners  take very seriously what we do. Even though we accept brotox parties, we don’t serve any alcohol.“zpl

Lorenc agrees receiving Botox as a wrinkle fighter can be a cause for celebration. However, he stresses the fact that Botox injections are still a medical procedure. So whatever party atmosphere there is, trained professionals should always administer Botox in a proper medical setting.

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Z. Paul Lorenc MD FACS

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