NIGHTSWAPPING: A New Way to Travel

NIGHTSWAPPING: A New Way to Travel

two touristsWant to change the way you spend your next vacation? This new company may have the answer. It’s a bit like Airbnb. Something akin to couch surfing. But actually, it’s sort of a combination of both.

With NightSwap, giving is getting, because basically, it’s a swap. You host people at your place and then use those nights to stay someplace else. For each night a traveler stays with you, you earn a night with someone else in the NightSwapping universe. You swap nights, not money. For example, you can host a Czech who hosted a Cuban so you can stay in China.

three ways to swapIf you’ve tired of generic decor and could-be-anywhere hotel rooms at through the roof rentals, NightSwapping could be the one. A newcomer to the sharing economy, it aims to make travel local and affordable. This is about hosting and being hosted by new friends in new places all over the world.

There are three different ways to NightSwap:

  • NightSwap a room while the owner is there
  • a mutual NightSwap — they come to you; you go to theirs
  • NightSwap an entire place while the owner is away

The choice is yours. For more information on this emerging trend, visit

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