MOVIE MEMORABILIA: What’s In Your Attic?

MOVIE MEMORABILIA: What’s In Your Attic?

movie conventionIt’s not just about gowns and costumes worn by Audrey, Grace or Marilyn or cars driven by this or that James Bond, nor the seemingly endless supply of ruby red slippers in which Judy Garland traveled the Yellow Brick Road.

Indeed, movie memorabilia is a growth industry. More mundane goodies, such as meticulously kept scrapbooks, vintage posters, candid photos and home movie footage of stars can garner big bucks.

wonka golden ticketThere are well over a thousand auction houses in the US and Britain that handle movie and celebrity memorabilia. Depending on condition and quality, fans can turn their youthful fascinations into a pretty penny. For example, one such New York City firm recently garnered an admirable sum by auctioning a wax demo recording by Barbra Streisand for a former press agent who snared it during her stint on the early 1960’s Mike Douglas TV show.

barbra streisand recordGo to your cellar or attic and look for those snapshots or movies you or a family member took of, for example, Doris Day, when she just happened to be staying at the same place you were. Maybe nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still pretty potent. Why do you think the new internet streaming movie site is becoming so popular?

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