Let’s Toast Local Heroes!

Let’s Toast Local Heroes!

Cheerwine-LocalLegendspageshotThe Cheerwine Local Legends Project

Let’s cheer for the little guy who stands up to the giant absolutely against all odds, and wins. Cheerwine has managed to stand up to Coke and Pepsi since 1917, and is still going strong! A singular soft drink with hints of cherry and uplifting effervescence, the “Nectar of North Carolina,” has put smiles on the lips of devotees since 1917.

Now Cheerwine’s “The Local Legend Project” is celebrating small town heroes by crowd-sourcing them, then sharing their inspiring stories, and making big waves with a branded entertainment campaign.

With an eight-episode documentary series online, impressive stories from Muscle Shoals’ musical heritage old and new, BBQ pit masters, a haunted brothel, a shoe shine king, blues singers, a crayon artist, to a Christmas-themed karaoke bar in a double-wide, exceptional individuals who really make a difference have a national spotlight.

Tom Barbitta CheerwineTom Barbitta, senior vice president of marketing for Cheerwine, said,  “We may not have the multi-million-dollar ad budgets of the bigger brands, but we know that sharing authentic stories is powerful enough to inspire people and, in doing so, gain support for our brand.”

So, what makes Cheerwine unique is its backstory, independence, authentic roots, family, local-regional appeal, but also its ability to generate buzz.

Recommend your own local hero and watch episodes for free at cheerwine.com/locallegends.


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