It’s More than Veggies at White Oak Pastures of Blufton, Georgia

It’s More than Veggies at White Oak Pastures of Blufton, Georgia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFruits and vegetables make up a large percentage of organic foods, but meat is a contender. With fans exalting the superior taste and quality of grass-fed meat and dairy products, it is worth looking at where it comes from.

With an award-winning track record in agriculture and conservancy, Will Harris and his family raise 10 species of free-roaming animals, cultivating grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, goat, rabbit and free-range poultry as well as heirloom vegetables, on the largest certified organic farm in Georgia. Abiding by high standards of sustainability and stewardship, they distribute to supermarkets like Publix and Whole Foods, up and down the East coast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWidely recognized as one the most successful suppliers of humanely raised beef in the country, Will Harris is a southeastern star at Slow Food dinners, and has high accolades from progressive agriculture organizations. All this is notable, since he converted the family business from traditional chemical meat production methods, committing to totally organic in 2000.

Will’s daughter Jodi recently initiated a successful agritourism hospitality initiative. Guests eat farm-to-table cuisine by Cordon Bleu Chef Reid Harrison, and stay in charming cabins stocked with free-range eggs, and soap derived from grass-fed cattle tallow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Special activities make it even more fun with guests invited to participate in fishing, riding, hide-tanning, bee-keeping and the surprisingly popular mushroom cultivation. Recent workshops include the January Bald Eagle workshop, and upcoming February 20: Seed Starting. To find out more, contact
All White Oak Pastures Photos By Angie Moslar

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