An Animal Lovers Yarn: Vaute’s Recycled-Cotton Aran Sweaters

An Animal Lovers Yarn: Vaute’s Recycled-Cotton Aran Sweaters

Vegan Aran Sweater coupleCan’t or won’t wear wool? Vaute’s vintage-inspired fisherman’s sweaters are the non-sheep treat you seek. Composed of 80 percent recycled cotton, derived from industrial waste, each Aran-style topper is completely animal-free. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the label’s founder and designer, was hard-pressed to find a vegan-friendly sweater she could live in.

She wasn’t alone. “It’s just really hard to find big chunky vegan sweaters,” she said. “So after many requests I figured out how to make them both vegan, sustainable, chunky, made in NYC, and warm.”

leanne hilgartThere’s another plus: the garments are knit in New York City using an innovative technology that results in no waste. “Each sweater is made from one piece of continuous yarn, not from making panels of fabric to cut,” Hilgart explained.

Available in styles for both men and women, the sweaters feature modern neutrals such as black, ivory, oatmeal, and apricot.

Hilgart’s travels around the world have stood her in good stead. The former model drew inspiration from vintage items she’s picked up over the years. “The Aran is inspired by a thrifted men’s fisherman’s sweater from a London charity shop that I wore all last winter over a flannel and leggings,” she said. “It was so comfy and cozy!” Z’Scoop readers may buy it now –


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