Kicking off the 2016 winter market season, both Atlanta and Las Vegas home furnishing shows have set the stage for the trends that could be seen at retailers throughout the country this year. Cutting-edge new trends, as well as those seen for several market seasons continue to expand into new categories and take hold on retail shelves and with consumers.

hallmark homeUp First – Atlanta
The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishing Market revealed some new and expanding trends for 2016. One of the most notable — the coastal look — continues its popularity. There’s an overall shift to softer hues and more whites, grays and neutrals with metallic colors emerging.

A highly-anticipated debut at the Atlanta Show was the introduction of Hallmark Home to the Furniture and Decorative Accessories world. According to Annie Bates, creative director of Hallmark Home, ”we are using that unparalleled emotional expertise and the same creativity to design collections that help people express themselves through their decor, making creative, inspired and welcoming spaces in the place that matters most – their homes.”

Another observance form the Atlanta show was the rise of social conscience in creative home design. Staci Lantz, a veteran designer who just launched Imagine Home at the show, offers products from community artisans all over the world. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Imagine Home sources products that include Peruvian alpaca bedding, African glasswork beads used in one-of-a-kind chandeliers and art, hand-tufted rugs from India and cow-horn and bone accessories from Haiti. This trend to purchase great design while making a difference to local economies is catching hold and influencing many of even the largest home furnishing companies.

whites and PastelsNext Up – Las Vegas
Despite East Coast “Snowzilla” weather conditions January 24th to January 28th, the Winter 2016 Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market was well populated. Kaprice Crawford, the North American Home Furnishing Association membership director, was “pleased” with the turnout on Monday despite the first two speakers hailing from the East Coast having to cancel.

In line with the prevailing social consciousness trend, the Las Vegas Show saw the 2016 Global Goodness Award bestowed on Dunitz & Company – a supplier of rare and exquisite handcrafted glass jewelry from Guatemala. The Global Goodness Award recognizes furniture, gift and home decor companies for environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible activities.

Dunitz&Co Guatamalan beadingAn interesting presence at the show this year for buyers who don’t have the option of traveling to Europe, Europe2You has brought European style, and a sustainability story to Las Vegas. The show features tables made from 19th-century wood beams culled from old buildings in Budapest and a new line of chairs modeled after some familiar design icons.europe2youtable

Europe2You is offering the capability to produce them on one of the old factories where they originated, creating a product introduction with a built-in story for retailers and designers: No trees are cut down and Europe 2You is able to create a new piece with true historic presence.

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