Nova_Cherry_and_Martin_Nathan_Mabry_Bernard_Piffaretti_653Ever since Art Basel hit Miami’s shores in December 2002, the town hasn’t been the same. It’s hard — but rewarding — to keep pace with the Art Basel momentum as the show, now in its 14th edition, is firmly entrenched as one of the most sought-after and meticulously planned events on the American art world calendar. About one-half of the galleries at Art Basel come from the United States or Latin America, and for dealers from places like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, it’s the year’s biggest opportunity to connect with global buyers.

Miami is wealthy, hip, cosmopolitan and flourishing culturally. A magnet for business moguls, jetsetters, celebrities and tourists, it transformed from a sleepy retirement/vacation community into a sophisticated getaway destination for global banking, professional sports, the performing/recording music scene and now art.

No wonder David Beckham chose it to host Major League Soccer with a big new stadium. Plus, a 200-acre shopping mecca is planned for the near future, challenging Minneapolis’s Mall of The Americas.

Starting with Art Basel in December and continuing through April, Miami grandstands with non-stop, celebrity-studded events, eclipsing all by drawing an extraordinary convergence of galleries, buyers, celebrities, design stars and art tourists.

The 14th Annual show in 2015 was the latest iteration of the most prestigious art show in this country, where international galleries present special masters collections. For over 73,000 visitors viewing 267 collections, special events are added attractions, including Art Basel Film and art historical projects like ME3M-Story Ballet. Visitors span the ranks of museum directors, mega-collectors and celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex Rodriguez and Sly Stallone.

To learn more about Miami’s art and cultural scene, check out Art Basel Year 45 by Nadim Abbas and Klaus Biesenbach and the Miami Art Fair Guide 2015, both available at

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