image 6 raleigh skylineTHE NEW SOUTHERN MIGRATION

By 2013, of the eight states experiencing the greatest influx of domestic migration, six of them are southern: Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. The region is now almost as populated as the Northeast and the Midwest combined.

Nashville ranked #3 and Austin #4, both outranking New York and LA in Forbes’s Most Creative Cities 2014. Huffington Post ranks Austin #2 and Atlanta #7 as best 2014 cities for millennials. New Orleans placed first in 2014 as The Best City for Young Artists in 2014, and second in Travel and Leisure’s Best Cities for Hipsters.
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Porsche and Mercedes moved headquarters to Atlanta. Nashville is aggressively offering incentives and in 2015, Bridgestone Americas announced moving their headquarters and 1,700 jobs will shift there by 2017. Lyft also moved customer service operations to Nashville in 2015.

Georgia is #3 in Film and TV production with a 30% tax credit more generous than most states — including California’s. And it allows producers to count salaries of directors and actors in addition to below-the-line crew as qualified expenses, as long as work is performed in-state.

Early in the decade, Raleigh North Carolina’s Research Triangle led the region’s jobs boom and is still going strong by attracting innovative international corporations in high tech, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Corporations opening major locations in the South include Boeing in North Charleston, South Carolina. Between 2011 and 2014, Boeing opened three facilities at their 141-acre campus. Cone Denim Mills’ White Oak Mills located in Greensboro, North Carolina recently re-opened the White Oak factory producing selvedge jeans. Established brands like Levi’s and True Religion swiftly became customers.

Ralph Lauren Inc. has three manufacturing and distribution centers in High Point, North Carolina, the last of which was completed late in 2015. In addition, the company operates facilities in Greensboro, making Ralph Lauren one of the state’s largest employers and supporting their commitment to bringing manufacturing back to the United States. 


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