A Newsy Tossed Salad

A Newsy Tossed Salad

Leatherman's Tread is a man's bracelet with all the must-have tools that snaps on like a sturdy watch.

Leatherman’s Tread is a man’s bracelet with all the must-have tools that snaps on like a sturdy watch.

Translation: A Manly Man’s Bangle Bracelet

Bill Prince, a deputy editor of GQ, has explored the rise of the “mangle.” He tells the ‘Scoop that “the men’s bangle bracelet is the latest contender in men’s accessories.” Prince’s pick as the best of the bunch? The Leatherman Tread bracelet.

Leatherman is an Oregon-based multi-tool company that produces a pocket knife that makes the Voctorinox look anemic. It incorporates every screwing, cutting, adjusting and measuring implement known to man in a Transformer’s idea of a pocket-knife. They’ve come up with Tread, a wrist-borne device laden with all these handy tools that snaps on like a sturdy watch.

Tread is on-trend wearable technology plus style that’s a piece of jewelry even a Special Forces vet should feel comfortable with. Leatherman’s Tread bracelet is available online at leatherman.com from $165.00. Sounds like a holiday shopping solution to us!buy something and you haven’t worn it in three days, it’s unlikely you’re going to wear it. If you weren’t that excited to wear it the next day, you weren’t that excited to wear it to begin with,” Rogien explained. “If you haven’t worn it in seven days, you’re definitely not going to wear it, so make sure you return it in fourteen. Get it out of your life within 14 days or you’re never going to return it.”

It’s fascinating, but it totally makes sense. If you don’t feel excited to wear an item you just purchased, it’s probably not going to make you feel excited when you open your closet a few days later.

Interesting? Definitely take this rule into consideration the next time you go shopping.


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